Our Latest Program — Digital Learning & Coaching

by Dr Vijayender Nalla

What started as an on-location case study coaching module almost 10 years back has now evolved into a full-fledged digital learning program.

Thanks to 5 years of testing the effectiveness of different learning approaches with several organisations, the Food & Agribusiness Management Program is designed around a blend of self-paced learning, interactive workshops, 1–to–1 coaching and learner presentations, all carried out digitally.

Here below are some of the practical questions related to the program design, value drivers and the outcomes the program supports

What is the relevance of Digital Learning and Coaching Program in Food and Agribusiness Management?

For the last 5 years, we have been working closely with education institutions and businesses to understand how our sector specific digital learning model could support the key outcomes. For education institutions, it is the employability of their students, and for businesses it is the continuous learning & development of their professionals to support their business growth ambitions. What we have understood is that both these outcomes can be realised when the learners (both students and professionals) are able to formulate and solve business dilemmas.

To be able to formulate and solve the business dilemmas facing organisations, the learners need an understanding of the food value chain dynamics, business frameworks relevant for the industry and the skills to apply these frameworks. What we realised is that a static, one-time classroom style model is less effective than an on-demand digital learning model powered by the right blend of content and experience. This is the key driver for program.

What are the key differentiators of this Program?

Firstly, it has a content repository of 200 practical digital courses we have designed and tested on learners, delivered by experts from industry and academics over a five year period. Most of these courses work around the key approach of industry relevance and actionable learning.

Our whole content development has been centred around practical real-life case studies. This range helps us to address the content needs of learners coming from a range of backgrounds (Horticulture, conventional agriculture, Agri-tech, Food-tech among others).

Secondly, several of these experts are available as coaches within the program, building on an early promise we made to deliver unrivalled access to expertise.

Thirdly, the most important differentiating factor is the learning model. This blends the self-paced learning with interactive sessions, 1–to–1 coaching, learner presentations and on-demand support to make sure that every learner gains the tools and the confidence to realise the outcomes relevant for them.

And finally, the course is designed for teams. So whether it is a group of students experiencing their first taste of business team work, or experienced professionals working together on innovative solutions, the learning is focused around getting the most out of yourself by getting the most from others.

How is your content different?

Unique to the sector, our content is digital and has been designed to be effective delivered online. And of course, the experts have been carefully chosen for specific themes to give us content as close to the business dilemmas as possible.

Secondly, our approach to design/train around real-life case studies and experiential insights works very well, and been successfully delivered on-location for a long time by some of the world’s leading institutions, like Harvard.

Most importantly, our ability to personalise learning content (from a range of video lectures, reading material, assignments, exercises and case studies) to individual learner needs is the most appreciated element of our content.

How are you able to cater to the needs of to-be-professionals and experienced professionals?

Our content repository has different levels of content suitable for learners in different stage of their career. So the learner’s background decides the self-paced learning material they would get access to.

The interactive workshops, coaching sessions and the case studies will all be adapted to a cohort, which are always made up of a group who are on an equal footing with their experience (i.e all students or all professionals). Indeed, for larger organisations, we can even run dedicated cohorts for their team.

Where have you delivered this program previously?

We have delivered this program extensively in the Netherlands and modules of this program to learners from around the world

Over the last three years, we have trained more than 2000 learners in this digital mode.

How can my team take part?

To learn more about the program curriculum, experience the learning through a demo and learn more about the background of the experts/coaches involved in this program please visit: https://agribusiness.academy/