Agrilyst Culture Deck

We’re pretty proud of the culture we’re building at Agrilyst. In the spirit of transparency, we’d like to share our core values — nine principles that determine how we choose to work with partners, customers, employees, and investors.

Our core values aren’t just empty platitudes. We treat our core values as a set of standards we hold ourselves to every day.

Creating a cartoon representation of a company mascot who embodies our core values.

We are an ambitious team. We’re building a new product in a new category for a changing industry. We provide tools to the businesses responsible for putting food on our tables. We are obsessed with using data to help an industry in its infancy. We have a relentless passion for helping greenhouse and indoor growers run their businesses more efficiently and more profitably.

None of this is easy. It requires a team with grit, focus, skill, and passion. Our Culture Deck helps us steer the ship. We use our core values as a basis for hiring new teammates, evaluating individual and team performance, and longer-term strategy decisions.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we’re doing. Our Culture Deck is a manifestation of that excitement. It’s a collection of input from our entire team and represents each and every one of us. If have questions about our core values or have feedback (Core Value #8), we’d love to hear from you.

Tacos to Team Agrilyst for putting a ton of hard work into creating our core values and taco to Jordan Koschei who really led the effort bringing it all together. Note: tacos are like kudos at Agrilyst HQ.

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