Spotlight: Afisata Issah (Upper East Region)

Meet Afisata Issah, a 48 year old smallholder farmer and a mother of three children in Nasia, Upper East Region of Ghana. Afisata cultivates maize and soybean on a 20 acre farm in the Nasia community. She has a workforce of about ten who work on the 20-acre farm plantation.

Afisata inspecting her soybean crops in the Nasia community

Prior to joining AgroCenta, Afisata had no choice than to sell her commodities to middlemen because she could not access trucks to convey her commodities to the market. These exploitative buyers purchase a 100kg bag of soybean at GHc 70 (approximately $18). The current market price for a 100kg bag in the closest market (Wa) is GHc 110 ($28). Afisata loses approximately GHc 40 ($10) for every bag of Soybean she sells to middlemen.

By joining AgroCenta, she has been able to get value for her soybean and maize. AgroCenta recently brokered a deal for Afisata by connecting her to a buyer in the Greater Accra region of Ghana to sell 2,000 bags of soybean (100kg) at a competitive price of GHc 130 ($33), making a profit margin of GHc 20 ($5) per each bag sold. Her profit margin for the 2,000 bags sold was GHc 40,000 ($10,000).

With this money, she plans to hire more farm hands, pay her children’s school fees, expand her farm and buy the needed agro inputs for the next farming season.

By eliminating the exploitative buying approach, AgroCenta has been able to make Nafisa realize her dreams as a smallholder farmer and enjoy the fruit of her labour.

Afisata’s soybean farm at flowering stage
Farm hands on Afisata’s farm in Nasia
Afisata and her staff on their way to the farm
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