5 Tips How To Submit Profile on DJ List

Recently we noticed there are quite a number of DJ profiles submitted to our DJ List with incomplete details. Here we would like to guide you how to submit a DJ profile and get listed faster on the AHAFm DJ List and a guide to build a profile for promoters. Honestly, we are quite picky when it comes to DJ profile submission, so we are here to help you to ‘beautify’ your profile. It is also great tips if you want to promote yourself as a DJ, getting more ‘eyes’ on you. Recently we added new topic on Add a Deejay FAQ guide on AHAFm.

1. Get your profile written by professional

First of all, a complete DJ profile is important and compulsory when submitting to AHAFm. Make sure your DJ biography includes all the important points and written in details like how you get started, who/what inspired you as a DJ, your experiences, music style and etc. Before you get excited submitting to get listed on the DJ List, make sure it’s all professionally written. Alternatively, if you’re not good in writing profile, you can hire a good freelance writer to write for you at a very low price. We recommend you to try Freelancer.com or PeoplePerHour.com for copywriter and yes, they write great profile.

2. Use a high resolution DJ photo

A small investment in getting a photographer for a DJ profile photo shoot might one day takes you to a whole new level. It’s not just for DJ biography submission, but we are sure you’ll be needing it one day for your first DJ gig! Just imagine if you have a low resolution, blurred photo on a billboard or poster, that won’t work. It goes the same to our DJ List. So it’s time to get a photographer! Take a day off and have fun at the photo shooting session. Select your best shot profile photos and we will automatically create a photo gallery for you.

3. Include more DJ information

A basic DJ profile should have at least 2–3 paragraph to start, once you get more experiences, you can just add in a new paragraph. If you have DJ promo mixes to share, just add it with all your website links which we have mentioned below.

4. Include your DJ website, blog or social media

Make sure people can contact you after reading your profile, you can include your DJ website (if you don’t have one, you can get DJ web design from us), or social media links so promoters or fans can find out upcoming gigs, news and music releases. The best part is you can also include your contact such as email for promoters to get in touch with you.

5. Create profile for download

If you want to make things a little more perfect, get a graphic designer to design a DJ profile for you, include biography and let the promoters download in PDF, this is optional.

This complete our guide on how to submit a DJ profile on any DJ List websites. So now let us do a quick review — get a writer, use a high-res photo, include web links and PDF download. Hope our DJ guide here will help you better in engaging promoters and fans.