Premium Feature Roadmap: Multimedia Attachments

We thought it might be interesting to AhhLife members to know about the features we are working on as enhancement to the site. As a reminder, we built AhhLife a few years ago when its predecessor OhLife suddenly shut down. According to the founders of OhLife, they had to shut it down because they couldn’t come up with a profitable business model. We’d like to avoid the same problem, which is why we offer a premium subscription plan. We don’t aim to get rich off AhhLife, but we do need it to cover its ongoing costs (primarily the cost of sending thousands of emails everyday).

Earlier this year we sent our users a survey asking about the features they’d like most. One of those, the ability to tag and categorize entries is already live. We’re aiming to provide additional exciting new features soon, including the ability to send multimedia content attached to your posts.

Our primary focus for the next few months is the addition of more tools for journaling. Keeping a journal using AhhLife relies primarily on replying to the prompt emails that are sent out nightly. However, there are situations where capturing the plain text of your reply email may not be sufficient.

Feature Deliverables

1. Image attachments:

  • Images attached to the email entry will appear on the journal entries.
  • Option to upload images directly via the journal entry editor in the web application.
  • Image preview on entry summary, with link to full image.

2. Better entry prompt email:

  • Clear instructions on how to use hashtags to label and categorize your journal entries.
  • Specifications on media type and maximum file sizes that will be allowed to be attached to your entries.

Known Risks

Adding multimedia attachments makes our costs higher.

While right now we’re at a gambling point where probably what first comes to mind is trying to keep our operation costs as low as possible, this feature is one that not only our users have requested, but also that would be a big differentiator from the majority of online journal sites.