Welcome Guinea and the Community of Sahel-Saharan States

The Coalition of Kufr

Some months back the global coalition of kufr announced that it had gained more members to its lost cause: the Republic of Guinea and the Community of Sahel-Saharan States (I had to google it as well) and Fiji (yes, like Fiji Water). This brings its losing members close to 80, ranging from “the most powerful and richest nation in human history” to small nations and institutions like those aforementioned.

Surely one must ask: : Why all these members across the geopolitical world against a small state that even they themselves are in denial in regards to its statehood? Is such an organized and large endeavor, and to quote from the global coalition, “unique in its membership, scope and commitment,” necessary? Surely the matter is bigger and the scope wider than merely fighting against a small group of muwahhidin.

So what is it?

Shaykh al-‘Adnani (rahimahullah) explains

Ya Muslimin. Ya Ummah of Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). Sham has exposed them. The reality has become as clear to you as the sun. So whoever perishes, perishes by proof, and whoever lives, lives by proof. This is the whole disbelieving world that has gathered, joined in an alliance, and rushed madly into fighting the Islamic State. They made waging war against it, defeating it, and annihilating it their first priority. By what means? What is their goal? What is the reality? What is the rallying cry? Why have dozens of disbelieving nations gathered to wage war against the Islamic State? Why have America and its allies launched some 20,000 airstrikes against us? Yes. Some twenty-thousand airstrikes.
Why do they spend billions of their wealth on their war against us? Why do they train and arm armies, gangs, and militias? Why do they carelessly send their sons from overseas to fight us? Why do they not train, arm, back, or support any fighters except those who are vetted? Ask them​, if they would answer, or answer​, if you can already comprehend. The whole world has not come together to wage war against us except because we command the worship of Allah, alone without partner, and we incite others to do so. We make wala based upon it and we declare the disbelief of those who abandon it. We warn of shirk in the worship of Allah, and we are severe against it. We make enemies based upon it and we declare the disbelief of those who engage in it. This is our call. This is our din. For this alone, we fight the world and they fight us.

May Allah open the expanse of His infinite mercy upon our shaykh and the thorn in the necks of the enemies of the Din. This is the reality, so know the answer. The global coalition of kufr have gathered against this small band of believers for the sole reason that it stands for tawhid. It rejects the legitimacy of the governments and states in the world and is the cure to the diseased world in which we live, the sword in which will cut the current world order, and the path to success. It is Islam. It is tawhid. It is iman.

How can you say no? It was the iman of the Sahabah that rushed into battles with the superpowers in their time, enabling them to defeat them, by the permission of Allah. It was that tawhid that was the driving force in recognizing that the empires of the world were illegal, oppressive, and must be removed. It was the Islam in which was implemented in the hearts, tongues, and hands which spread the justice of the Khilafah to China, Spain, and to the outskirts of France. It is easy for the kuffar to decimate and destroy entire cities, all that is needed is for the Jewish central bankers to print paper money to fund the bombing campaign, see Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc. Look towards Mosul and Raqqah today and you see the trend continuing. The total and complete destruction of the cities is merely to send a message that the global coalition will not stand to have a city or town outside of its influence, even if that means it is turned to rubble.

However, they know it is not as easy to destroy the pure ‘aqidah, from which the muwahhid Khilafah and the muwahhidin worldwide gain its strength to endure and battle against the existing world order, as it is to destroy the cities. For it is that ‘aqidah that is the springboard to its destruction, and it is that ‘aqidah of the Salaf as-Salih in which the Islamic State spreads and the tawhid of the messengers that is clung to and called towards, that will fully awaken and feed the drowsy Islamic giant that the kuffar have been drugging to stay asleep.

As such their most difficult task remains the one waged against the hearts and minds…

Speaking of destructive and hateful messages, what kind of message was sent to the people of Raqqah and Mosul? The global coalition sent the most hateful message telling them with their missiles and sieges that if you choose Islam, O people, then prepare for destruction. And Allah is sufficient. Bear in mind that the muwahhidin took Raqqah, Mosul, and the other cities without planes and without destruction. It brought to it life in which it can breathe free from the pollution of Western domination and subjugation, and light in which it can see with in this world and navigate with to the next. What did the global coalition bring except for death and darkness? And have no doubt that if the area was not replete with oil fields, they would have dropped a nuclear bomb in an arrogant display of their shaytanic hatred for the truth and its people.

Here is the global coalition of the nations of shirk and kufr, those who are enemies of the King of kings and rebels against the Lord of creation, wanting to corrupt the world and the ‘aqidah of Islam. So where are you, O muwahhid? The prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said, “Fight against the mushrikin with your wealth, yourselves, and your tongues.” Do you fear them? By Allah, Allah has more right that you fear Him. Imam al-Bukhari mentioned in his sahih, “Chapter: Knowledge precedes sayings and actions,” highlighting the importance of knowledge. This, knowledge, and its importance is known not to just the Muslim nation, who are the torch bearers in beneficial diniyyah and once dunya knowledge, but it is known to the nations of kufr. Hence, this campaign which is “committed to an effective and unified Coalition messaging and counter-messaging effort to oppose Daesh’s narrative and to undermine the appeal of its ideology; to assisting and amplifying credible and authentic voices from the region and beyond…”

Therefore, we will continue, by the permission of Allah, to produce spears and arrows against the enemies of the Din, so unleash them. You, ya Muslim, can counter their deceitful plots by the hit of a “share”, by spreading the words of the righteous scholars, or by a simple post. Be sincere with Allah, your Lord to whom you will return, may Allah bless you.

The Muslim should feel honor and pride knowing these nations of kufr have gathered together in such a way. Shaykh Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir said

The hatred of every taghut against us is the secret of our power, a source of pride, a sign of the credibility of our banner, and the purity of our methodology.

It is not based on your race or your fabricated nation states; it is based solely on your tawhid and Islam. It is that, Islam, which, if you were to hold onto, the armies of the nations of kufr will crumble before you, after necessary shakings and siftings in order to purify the ranks. ‘Umar ibnul-Khattab said

Verily, we were the most disgraceful people, then Allah honored us with Islam. If we seek honor with anything besides that which Allah honored us with, Allah will disgrace us.

And Allah is predominant over His affairs, but most people do not know.