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I want to tell about “why did I move my blog to Medium?”. [Disclaimer before I start, I am not an active blogger so this post might not make sense for an actual blog writers.] There are two triggering reasons. First, Medium is a great platform. For a while, I am reading articles from Medium. Actually, I am pointed to Medium from different sources such as hacker news , twitter etc. Font size, page colors, and simplistic design of the pages is really convenient for me and make reading really easy. Additionally, it takes care of several things that you may need to do it by hand if you are maintaining your own Wordpress blog in your own host.

Professional look and feel platform that saves you from unnecessary hassle sounds great. However, I didn’t like the idea of publishing your personal blog posts in another website like you are working for them. Recently, I realized that this is not a problem anymore. Medium provides custom domain which means you can show your posts under your domain name. This process is fairly simple and takes only couple of days to complete. The process goes like this:

  1. Migrate your posts from Wordpress using Medium plugin.
  2. Create a publication from your Medium profile
  3. Link your domain to Medium publication using CNAME and A records provided by Medium

And you are good to go. Of course, I didn’t move my blog to Medium just it is a great product. Second reason is cost! I was using a Digital Ocean’s basic droplet which cost $60 in a year and it was barely working. Now, I save this money while I am having more reliable blog.

A question arises in this step, what if one day Medium shuts down suddenly? Answer is simple, this possibility is less than your droplet just disappear from Digital Ocean services. However, you can always backup your posts just in case.




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Ahmet Kucuk

Ahmet Kucuk

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