Mac OS X Shutdown Schedular

Have you ever need to shutdown your computer automatically? Sometimes, I sleep with music or I start downloading something before I sleep and I do not want to leave my computer running until morning. I need an app to shutdown my computer after I slept. Mac OS X has a feature called power saving and you can schedule your computer to shutdown at specific time but I think it is not very practical.

I looked for a software to do this. There were couple of them in the app store, but they were not free. Honestly, I did not want to pay for the simplest app in the world. So, a year ago, I developed very simple application, a shutdown scheduler for Macs which takes only one number as input and shutdown your computer after the number of minutes. It has simple, ugly Java-Swing based GUI.

If you have similar problem with me, I generated executable jar file of the application which you can find here. Application is only tested in my Macbook Pro Yosemite.

I am using this application almost for a year. It works perfectly. When the application does only what it should do, It becomes extremely useful.

Here is the source code of the application in case you want to improve.

If I have time, I will improve the app so that it will work on all major platforms like windows and ubuntu.

You can find same jar file in jar directory of the project.