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Story of Etrafa Sor Mobile Application

This post will be about “Etrafa Sor” (“Ask Around” in english) mobile application which is a kind of side project for me for a year.

Before start telling about the story, I want to explain “Etrafa Sor” Application. It is a mobile application that you can ask questions that will only be visible to people who are around your question(each question has a location either you specified location or your current location). It is another type of social platform that uses the power of mobile. We believe that you will get much more accurate answers in this way. In addition to this, you will only see questions around which means that It is more probable that you know the answer. The core logic is simple but we have thought lots of gamification improvements for the application. However, the current version of the application does not have any significant gamification improvement.

The main story of the project date back to Yapı Kredi Bank’s “Fikri Mobil” mobile application development competition. Basri, my friend, come up with the idea and asked us ( me and Can Fırtına) if we want to join this competition. Of course, I instantly accepted and started to work on the project. Our job distribution was like that Basri develops backend which provides Restful API for mobile applications. I was responsible for the Android application and Can was responsible for the IOS application.

We worked for about two days and finished the most basic functionality of an application which is asking a question and answering them. This first prototype helps us to be chosen first 20 in competition. However, the final week of the competition was very unlucky for us so we couldn’t have a chance to develop the application more.

This was discouraging but It does not prevent me to publish this application into the play market because I thought this application deserves to be in market. However, the version that is chosen for the first 20 was not in the quality to be used by end-user. Therefore, we needed to improve application both in terms of functionality and design.

I propose my group to continue on developing the application but they don’t have enough time to spend on this application. It was really problematic because the Android application was totally depended on the backend so whatever I do in android, It wouldn’t be enough.

In funny kind of way, I used Scala on Play Framework which is the technology behind our backend system in my internship. Once I learn about Scala on Play, I decided to go into detail of our backend system to add new features. I have added a couple of new features like notification, user profile, trending users, etc. Also, I improved android design and finished a beta version that can be presented to the end-user. I also have little IOS Development experience but I didn’t have time to develop a fully functional IOS app while working on both backend and Android. That means there is no IOS application for now and it is not going to be available for a while.

Apparently, there is a very long way to go both in Android and backend but I thought If I don’t publish a version, I would never publish. It is a known fact that spending too much time on a project without having something that works or you can show someone, endanger the whole project.

Currently, I have a working version in the play store (https://apkpure.com/etrafasor/com.etrafasor). This is not bad progress so far. If I have time, I would add some gamification with design improvements. Also, I want to start better advertising for the application. It is always good to have some users that you can improve your application towards their feedbacks.

By the way, I would like to hear your comments about “Etrafa Sor”, If you tried it.




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