Get Started In Machine Learning in 5 Steps

Machine learning is the biggest enabling technology since electricity. Every day there is a new advance in the field that brings us closer to a world where machines will perform most tasks with similar or better performance than humans.

“WOW! That sounds amazing how do I learn how to develop these technologies?” — Everyone

Lots of people ask this question when I lecture on machine learning and I realized that while there are plenty tutorials on how to set up your first machine learning projects there is very little on how to actually go from no experience to a practicing machine learning engineer. I’m here to solve that!

Who Am I?

I’m Chris a machine learning engineer, but this wasn’t always the case. I started out as a bright eyed electrical engineering student looking for a problem to solve. Four years ago I came to Beijing on an internship to help a start up company build out their technology products. Four years later I’m a founder of a machine learning boot camp teaching 1000’s of students the basics of machine learning, a practicing machine learning engineer building technologies from forecasting global pollution levels to classifying emotion from voice data for dating apps, and a control systems patent holder.

It has been a wild ride filled with lows and highs, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve had plenty of mentors along the way who have made me who I am today and I want to give back by helping you grow as a person to reach your goal of becoming a machine learning engineer.

The 5 Step Process

Over the next couple weeks I will be releasing several articles for the steps below. They will go over common pit falls and the actions to over come those pit falls that have personally worked for me. I know that this process will work for you.

Step 1: Adjusting your mind set

The hardest part is getting started. Learn the secrets of changing your mind set and unlocking your potential.

Step 2: Follow a Process

Once you get started its important to attack your problems in a systematic way. Break your problem down and solve the individual parts. Once you have this mastered you will be able to attack any problem no matter how large or complex.

Step 3: Pick your tool

I help you pick a tool based on your skill allowing you to start building Machine learning solutions to the problems you face every day. An engineer is nothing with out the correct tools.

Step 4: Practice, Practice, Practice

There is no short cut to getting good at a skill. I tell you about the best places to download data-sets for all major technologies (ANN, RNN, CNN). Saving you tons of time and accelerating your learning rate.

Step 5: Build a portfolio

The final step is to put together a portfolio in order to show your skills to potential employers. I’ll show you how to make a good portfolio that will let you do great in your next interview

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