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Just over 2 weeks in existence, we just topped 2K views in a single day

Ride the wave with us

Created by author in Midjourney

Maori dot painting /Ride the wave of extraordinary creativity in AI Art / volumetric lighting / 8k / — q 2 — ar 3:2 — chaos 100

This story broke all my records. I posted it at midnight, and when I woke at 8.00 am, it was already approaching 1K views

What catches people’s imagination is a simple “How to” post. They can try it out as they read and see if it works for them.

Any suggestions to put to our writers on what to write next? Anything you’ve been tinkering with for days that someone might have already worked through?

When I was looking for pointers, I would often come across posts that answered my question somewhere. I would excitedly start reading only to get bogged down in the technical or the philosophical or simply wading through pages of text to find what I wanted only to find it needed to be explained more clearly.

I have written 13 stories in 20 days which is a record for me. I encourage submissions from writers who think they can keep it simple and specific and ride the wave with us.

David R. Smith Jonathan Poletti BichoDoMato Carlos González ⚡️ Justin Lokitz James Pence Merzmensch Obsidian Eagle Paul DelSignore Karistina Lafae Thierry Van Biesen Mike Messenger Maaja Wentz

Let me know in the comments below if you want to be added to the list of writers.



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Counsellor, jazz musician, AI Art nerd, bereaved father. Writing about my experience. Listening to yours.