Story telling Bots

Marc Canter
Aug 5, 2017 · 2 min read

Instigate is developing Story Telling Bots to enable a new kind of creative expression.

Instigate Bot Stories can be video based, conversational, utilize photos or audio — or all of the above.

The Stories take on one other attribute — which we think completely changes the world of story telling; they’re interactive by nature and intent. By interactive we mean that the story is “listened to” via a Messaging interface.

The Story viewer or listener is NOT just a passive audience, but steps the story through its chapters — from beginning to middle to end — as part of a “conversation.”

That conversation may be fairly linear — and simply unfold the story — or the conversation can take many different roads or paths and result in different outcomes or endings. Its really up to the story teller — AND — the participant.

Instigate Stories are the holey grail of story telling — the “interactive narrative” that so many of us have dreamed of — once this new world of “digital on-line” communications was born.

There’s an inherent duality and juxtapositioning going on — to tell stories with ChatBots.

One has to first realize that THEY are in control of the Bot — not the Bot’s vendor or company. The author (which we call “an Instigator”) crafts their own story by defining topics, recording video selfies and answering questions — as a way to “train” their Personal Bot.

The second really weird thing about — is that it is BOTH the authoring system for creating the Story Bots — AND — the playback system for interacting with and “listening/watching” the stories. Everything is inside the Facebook Messenger ChatBot interface!

One can discover other Bots — to get an idea of what’s possible — and with a “tap” of the finger — create their OWN story telling bot!

Boom — there it is.

An authoring tool for creating Story Telling Bots.

And a stage where the story unfolds, where the video are photos are viewed.

Where the text and the story is interacted — with.

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