What’s the difference between a Being and a Bot?

Marc Canter
Jul 6, 2018 · 4 min read

Bots are evil. They wake you up in the morning, trying to sell you insurance. Bots elected Trump, help Facebook “monetize us”, game Instagram (with fake followers) and do all sorts of other kinds of “evil tasks.”

That’s ‘cause Bots do what their masters tell them to do. Bots are filled up with data and tasks defined by their owners, and since so many Bot vendors are evil — thus their Bots are evil.

We live in an age where technology exploits and monetizes us — and Bot creators don’t think twice about using technology to sell you something, spam your phone, steal elections or harvest you — as data.

That’s why we don’t build Bots anymore. We’re building Beings — that are a proxy for yourself.

Beings are controlled by YOU. The data inside them are the stories, vocabulary, actions and intent — created by YOU. Beings are the holey grail of creativity — a mechanism for sharing interactive possibilities — for “instigating conversations.”

Instigate Beings can’t guarentee what will happen when you share them, they can only act as a “seed” to Instigate fun. And compelling experiences.

Instigate Beings are a new form of creativity, going beyond “commenting”, enabling your listener, your viewer, your audience to become a participant in your creativity. Our kids will grow up thinking “why were Mommy and Daddy satisfied with leaving comments behind?” They’re so flat, so NON-interactive!

Instigate Beings do what you tell them to do. Instigate is an AI Authoring system which first teaches and then enables its users to define the “topics”, stories and rules — which fill up their Beings.

Each Being is like a YouTube channel. It has its underlying theme, attitude and author — and communicates via “episodes” — which are the interactive narrative stories inter-woven with our own Narrow NLP technology.

Interactive conversations are “shared” privately with friends — who them interact with the Being and watch stories unfold via video selfie clips.

The trick is making it really easy to add interactivity and “intelligence” to one’s stories. And since over 1B of those stories are created every day in Instagram, Snap, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and FB — we’ll make it really easy imply to “import your story” and turn it into a Being. <patent pending>

You fill up your Being with meaning, inside jokes and stories of that cute guy or the teacher you all hate or that new TV show about eating people. You and your friends have your own private “language”, your interact and talk in your own “private way” — and your Beings will amplify that private language.

Instigate is building the tools so that YOU can create your own Being and share it with your friends. If you choose — you can also share your Beings in public, and even monetize your own Being.

We’ll be building coolio Brand and Celeb Beings — and offering you advanced “shared-value” transactions tools — so that those of you who are REALLY into it can:

  • protect your Beings from evil outside influencers
  • monetize your creativity and make a living from it
  • build your own language“domains”

Your Being is a proxy for YOU so it can certainly take the form of a Dog, Cat or inanimate object. YOU get to build the knowledge base, create a backstory and tell the stories you wanna tell.

You get to decide everything — and you can certainly maintain and own multiple Beings — one for long form narrative, one for gossiping and flirting and one for church and/or your relationship with your higher spiratual force.

What we’re doing (technically) is building an AI Authoring system — much akin to what we did 35+ years ago with MacroMind. Back then it was impossible for normal people to control multimedia — so we invented a multimedia timeline for people to edit animations, scientific visualizations, marketing demos, product simulations, etc.

Then we invented a multimedia player — so one could distribute these “multimedia experiences” and we wrapped the whole thing into a “multimedia authoring system.”

We’re doing the same thing — now — for AI and storytelling.

You the author — get to act like Geppetto and create and maintain your own Pinnochio.

We’ll ONLY be focused on audio recognition initially — but image recognition comes later.

BTW final note — our “go to” market strategy is to go to all the folks who’s careers we helped create — 30, 25, 20 years ago.

Many techies got their start using Director to create things — since they weren’t programmers — but totally had to get their hands on something — to get involved in the burgeoning tech industry.

Now 30+ years later — we’re betting these folks will totally grok what it is we’re doing. And we’re gonna ask them to show it to their kids — and their kid’s friends.

Think of it as a new kind of family bonding tool.

Here’s my family.

Instigate is a product for my daughters and sons— since they’re spending so much time with their faces glued to their phones ANYWAY — they might as well get all creative — and shit.

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