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Hero, not an Intern: Jackson Choyce

How a Childhood Fascination turned into Superstar Talent


Jackson’s story is rather unique. It is driven behind his sole enjoyment in software development, pushing him to constantly exceed the limits society has inherently established on people his age.

What Makes Him a Hero?


From there, Choyce commenced his AI Camp journey. Starting in a team of three people(including him), he worked five to ten hours a week as an intern during his summer, which gave him exposure to tech development like never before. He planned out lessons and provided camp instructors with the necessary platforms and servers to teach students effectively. His work specialized in data collecting and processing for AI Camp’s website to function smoothly for new subscriptions and memberships. Choyce single-handedly developed and iterated the deployment process that made the deployment of AI Camp’s website entirely automatic, removing almost all chances for human error.


From Mastery comes autonomy, the ability to be self-sufficient and responsible.


Managing servers wasn’t the only thing Jackson worked on in AI Camp. He became the product lead for AI Camp’s recently released AI on Thumbs mobile app on iOS and Android.

The AI on Thumbs Interface

The Mindset

In an interview with Choyce, he said, “If you want something to be improved, whether it be a project or a product, just do it. Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness. If you can deliver value without being asked, that makes you a lot more valuable, and that’s something that’s contributed to me getting to where I am.” Choyce’s mindset is wired to be curious and productive, two keys to the successes he’s experienced in his professional career.



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