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As per the stats, there is a massive gap between the jobs in Artificial Intelligence and the job seekers who possess those skills. For example, 78000 + jobs are available for Machine Learning Engineers as per 2020 and average salary of a Machine Learning Engineer is 107 K dollars to to 145 K dollars. To meet the necessary demands, I will share with you the jobs in the domain and the required skills for those respective jobs.

Skills needed

Those who are beginners in the field need to gain Programming skills especially Python, R, and Java, Mathematics, knowledge on data structures and algorithms, and also some sort of business knowledge.

Major Professions

Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Developers, and Robotic Scientists, Deep Learning Engineers, Computer Vision Engineers, Algorithm Developer, are some of the major professions in the Artificial Intelligence domain.

Requirements of certain professions

Technical Skills

Machine Learning engineers should have the capability to apply Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries and should have sound knowledge of Software Engineering and System Design and proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, R , C, C++ and Scala. To begin as a Machine Learning Engineer, it’s not necessary for an academic or research background, the thing actually matters is a passion for Software Engineering and Data Science. Roles and responsibilties of them are managing infrasturures and data pipelines, taking a lead in software design , building scalable machine learning solutions, and analyzing the datasets to appropriate techniques.Next, when we have a look at the skillsets needed for a Data Scientist are Python Programming, R Programming, Hadoop platform, SQL databases, and Machine Learning and AI, Data visualization, and Business Strategy. It is quite hard to distinguish between Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist.The key difference is within the end goal itself. Data scientists usually analyze data and present useful insight that helps humans to make decisions whereas Machine Learning Engineer produces software that can run autonomously without much human supervision. Business Intelligence Developer has a deep understanding of database management systems, online analytical processing and ETL Framework, familiarity with BI technologies, and analytical mind with a problem-solving aptitude.

Interpersonal Skills

There are some interpersonal skills needed for certain professions in AI domain. The Data Scientist job needs skills such as communication, storytelling, collaboration, and learning. Robotic Scientists should be team players, excel at solving problems in creative and practical ways.

How to learn AI and acquire the necessary skills?

If you are dreaming to be a leader of the digital age, step forward to enter the world of AI and be brave enough to explore novel things. Then, you also can be someone like Einstein of physics in AI too. Because novel field like AI is still in search of a person like that. But, you may not be aware of the best way to learn and explore the amusements of Artificial Intelligence. I will point out some useful courses that are free.

Google offers their Machine Learning Crash course for free.

An Artificial Intelligence Course is offered freely by Stanford University in Coursera.

Learn with Google AI is the best platform to develop our AI-related skills.

A certificate course in simplilearn

In addition to this, you can easily find a good source of information on the internet in the domain of AI.

Companies that involved in major and industries impacted

Some companies that we can mention prominently as hiring AI-related professionals are Amazon, NVIDIA, Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Facebook, Intel, Samsung, Lenovo, Adobe, MoTek Technologies, and Uber. The prominent industries that are impacted by the AI revolution are cybersecurity, healthcare, transportation, education, Information Technology, Business Intelligence, Supply chain management, Construction, and Retail.

How those industries are impacted?

Artificial intelligence helps in the healthcare industry in proper diagnosis and treatment. A suitable learning environment is created with the assistance of AI in education. Buildings can be constructed with more safety measures in an efficient way with the help of AI. E-Commerce can be facilitated with the use of product recommendations through Machine Learning. Businesses can achieve sales target easily through AI.

Future of world through AI

AI will enhance human experiences in a far better way. Artificial Intelligence will make the world more autonomous. Pervasive knowledge is coming into play. Pervasive knowledge means not only we are connecting with the worldwide information but also, the devices know what we are doing and how we are doing. Moreover, there will be AI-enhanced organizations that can respond to customer needs quickly. You can refer more here on this.


From general tasks such as learning and perception to specific tasks such as playing chess, writing poetry, etc, AI plays its major role. The world is forecasted with greater strengths with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. So, as a young tech enthusiast, starting a career in Artificial Intelligence is the best choice that we can make for ourselves and for our community. So, be a game-changer in AI.



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