What is LUIS.AI ?

LUIS stands for Language Understanding Intelligent Service. It is one of the many Cognitive Services provided by Microsoft under Azure Cognitive Services. Using this service we can use REST APIs to extract useful information namely ‘intent’, ‘entity’, ’phrases’ etc. from any sentence. We can use it for building intelligent apps that can converse and understand what a sentence is trying to convey.

How LUIS.AI understands

For LUIS every sentence is an “Utterance”. Based on all its experience, LUIS tries to pry for the “Intent” from the sentence as in what is speaker trying to ‘do’. In addition, it tries to best guess the ‘entity’ from the sentence as to what the ‘intent’ is trying to refer to.

Have a another look at the example below :

LUIS is trained on hundredths of thousands of such utterances to figure out the intents and entities.

This the brief overview on the LUIS. In the next blog, I will take you through a overall tour of the LUIS dashboard where we can manage all our utterances, entities, intents and much more.