People first: Aurélien Nicolas (Deckard AI)

“AI for Software Engineering Process Management” is another one filed of using Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering.

This time we prepared the interview with Aurélien Nicolas, CTO at Deckard AI, an expert in this Subject Matter, to share a bit about his technical background, personal motivation and profession vision.

Aurélien Nicolas, CTO at Deckard AI

What is the most complex technical task you have ever solved?

Untangling the complex data structures used project management to apply machine learning to it.

What does motivate you in work?

I love to come up with new methods, algorithms and tricks, both in data science and in infrastructure.

Also the feeling when a process is finally automated and reliable is great.

Software Engineer of the future — what is he like?

Top engineering will stay very complicated, but the outcomes will be ever more valuable.

We will have to deliver autonomous systems with the convergence of IoT, AI, and blockchains, all complex.

But we will be assisted by improved tools and methods based on process data and automation.

What will you be talking about at the Conference?

What can we get out of the internal data that were carefully collected over the years, including project management history and status.

If “Software Engineering” was a bicycle, what part would “AI for SE” then be?

The controller of urban bike sharing networks.

Aurélien will share in details his achievements in applying AI to Software Engineering Process Management at the AIFORSE Conference 2017.