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AI Network Monthly Update: August 2020


Designing and developing sharding
As a part of our scalability improvement initiative, the Dev team has been working on sharding on AI Network blockchain. Sharding is considered to be one of the most effective ways to increase the throughput of a blockchain; essentially, sharding means dividing the network and database into partitions and enabling parallel processing.

Progress: we wrote a design doc for initial implementation, which focuses on shard configuration and linking parent and child blockchains, as well as improvement plans, including cross-shard transactions, deposit-and-exit protocols across shards, and enhancing decentralization in proof hash reporting. This month, we finished developing shard configuration and initialization, and now we’re working towards linking the blockchains through proof hash reporting and by supporting global and local paths in transactions.

Added state proof APIs
We applied the provable blockchain state design to AI Network blockchain and added new APIs that can be used to obtain the proof hash for a particular data path. With the new proof hash APIs, anyone can verify data at specific database paths.

Ainize 2.0 is now released! The new version gives you a simplified and automated deploy experience, supports multiple Git branches, and customized environment settings with a new UI!

Also watch Laeyoung Chang’s interview video (Korean with English subtitle), lead software engineer of Ainize, why we’ve developed Ainize and how it can change software engineering experience.

Marketing Communication & Partnership

Virtual Booth @KubeCon 2020 promoting AI Network & Ainize

Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) is a Linux Foundation project that was founded in 2015 to help advance container technology. As our project is fully utilizing container technology to turn open source into open resource, project AI Network’s main contributor Common Computer Inc. joined CNCF and participated in KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 as a sponsor during Aug 17th to 20th. (event recap by CNCF)

* KubeCon stands for Kubernetes Conference and Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration system, originally developed and contributed by Google.

More than 1,000 developers visited our e-booth and read/watched our story and product related to Project AI Network. After visiting our booth, many developers signed-up Ainize, joined AI Network developer community and often sent us DM. Newly published content during Kubecon 2020 can be found below.



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