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AI Network Monthly Update: August 2022

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Blockchain on the table

It is said that KBW 2022 (Korean Blockchain Week 2022), which featured 130 industry leaders from home and abroad as speakers, was crowded with around 8,700 attendees. In this time of increasing interest in Web3 and Blockchain, we launched the “Blockchain on the table” series to introduce AI Network Blockchain more easily.

Inspired by Google’s “testing on the toilet,” development culture, this column was written in the form of a one-pager to inspire and inspire readers and familiarize them Blockchain in a short time.

As an AI Network that creates AI for everyone, Blockchain is difficult and not something you need to study. We plan to publish more episodes in the future to make technology a familiar topic to enjoy over a cup of coffee.


Uncommon Gallery Grand Open

On August 8, Uncommon Gallery, the first AINFT gallery in the world, opened.

It is an open space for anyone interested in Web 3.0 and is in line with NFT’s mission to provide new and amazing experiences that are closer to everyday life. It is an experiential exhibition that provides a sense of immersion through the application of AI to NFT’s art and offers a glimpse of the coming Web 3.0 ecosystem. Interesting events were held.

In this exhibition with the theme of Babyshark Collection 2, a free drink called “Shark Aid” was provided to all visitors, and an event was held to hand a Special NFT Stamp to make the concept of NFT, which is still unknown offline, more familiar.

You can see more realistic reviews of Uncommon Gallery in AI Network Medium and YouTube videos.

World’s largest AINFT SoulFiction exhibition

Beginning in September, SoulFiction, the largest AINFT in the world, will be on display. Soul Fiction is a community-led AINFT developed and operated by NFT incubator ‘Aeon Studio’ and AI Network. It is an art project that translates the human unconscious into reality using AI technology. Hyperrealism artist Hyung-koo Kang collaborates to embody AINFT’S representative the ‘Imperator of Mars’ in a surreal portrait.

If you have only thought about the combination of AI and NFT abstractly, you can feel the real AINFT through this exhibition.

Here, you will find the SoulFiction version of the Special NFT Stamp, which will be available only at the Uncommon Gallery. You will also be able to enjoy a drink in the shape of SoulFiction and a special experience, so be on the lookout and visit the exhibit. The exhibition is open to both holders and the general public. Below are the exhibition dates and schedule (which might be subject to changes).

Exhibition Dates:

  • September 3, 5, and 9: 10:00 to 18:00
  • From September 13 to 18: 12:00 to 18:00
  • September 20: 10:00 to 18:00
  • We will announce any change or modification to the schedule


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