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AI Network Monthly Update: Feb 2021


Blockchain Core

  • Last month, AI Network Dev Team made some important changes to the AI Network blockchain p2p network design. The revamp involved dissecting our one giant module that takes care of p2p communication, discarding what’s unnecessary, fixing bugs, adding essential features, and piecing it back together as more modularized components. As a result, the network topology is now more stable and robust, nodes can control max incoming and outgoing connections, and node restart became more stabilized as well. Also, we improved the node and consensus status for a better health checking of nodes.
  • Additionally, we enhanced our native and REST API functions to be more secure and useful. AI Network blockchain has “functions” that are triggered when a value is set at a certain path that has one or more functions associated with it. There are two types of functions, namely the native function, which is built into the blockchain, and (non-native) function, which is an external code with a known endpoint to reach the code. Previous to our recent improvements, a path could only have one associated function, but we extended the feature to enable multiple function mapping and triggers. We further improved the security of native functions by assigning a function id (fid) to each function and restricting certain subtrees of our database using the write rules and fids.

Blockchain Apps

  1. Teachable NLP Platform
  • Following the release of AI Writers, an automatic sentence completion application that utilizes the reasoning function of the natural language processing machine learning model, the AI Network dev team is preparing a Teachable NLP platform that allows anyone to fine-tune their own GPT model with their own data.
  • Users will be able to utilize their own NLP model that has been further trained from that data by submitting the appropriate amount of text data they own without requiring much knowledge of machine learning or natural language processing.
  • The trained model will be distributed through Ainize (, and users can use the model simply through an API endpoint.
  • Our plan is to reveal the platform by the end of March to early Q2.

2. Featured NLP projects on Ainize

Rick and Morty NLP model from an American adult animated science fiction sitcom starred by a cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith.

The Simpsons NLP model. Another American animated sitcom that needs no further explanation!

That’s all for what’s happening in the AI Network. See you next month!

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