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AI Network Monthly Update: February 2022


It’s been around 2 months since we launched the Mainnet, and we’re proud to say that the AIN Blockchain has been working smoothly with increasing block numbers. As of writing, we’re now at ~260k blocks, and more than 50 apps have been created on the Mainnet already.

As we described in the previous monthly updates, we’re monitoring the network and fixing bugs as soon as we spot them, through timer flags, bandage files, and incremental deployments. One of the updates includes tweaking the bandwidth budgets so that we can allocate more bandwidth budgets per block and for the apps. Now that we have the Mainnet up and running, we’re focusing our efforts to optimize each component and improve the overall performance.


Ainize Trigger Function

We recently launched AI Network’s mainnet. The term “mainnet” is used to describe when a blockchain protocol has been fully developed and deployed, which means that the blockchain is ready to broadcast, verify and record transactions. You can use AI Network’s mainnet through Ainize, which acts the Blockchain Trigger function. In a nutshell, a Blockchain Trigger function is a tool that facilitates smart contracts. In addition, the Ainize Trigger feature allows you to create dApps (Decentralized Applications) on the blockchain, which lets you send POST requests to endpoints deployed on Ainize. For more information, please visit here.

The Blockchain Trigger function is the first feature made for both Ainize and AI Network. We will release more features for Ainize and AI Network in the future so keep an eye out!

Make your own AINFT! Teachable AINFT

Can I make an AINFT using a NFT I have? Yes! and teachable AINFT makes it easy. Teachable AINFT was introduced at the ETH Denver 2022 event, where it was possible to make NFTs in Metamask and then into AINFTs. Currently, only one AINFT chatbot based on the Few-shot learning model and the GPT J model has been produced. Now, let’s take a closer look at the production process of this AINFT chatbot.

1. Access the Teachable AINFT and connect it with Metamask wallet.

2. Select the NFT listed in Metamask.

3. Upload a prompt for your chatbot.

For detailed instructions on how to create prompts, click this link to see an article related to prompts.

4. Set the nickname of the AINFT.

5. Select the language and model for AINFT.

6. Finally, an AINFT is created!

Amazing Featured Projects with Global Ainizers

Last month, a project developed by one of our Global Ainizers was published to Featured project. Check it out below!

SAM(Simple Analysis Machine)

Is it possible to do data analysis without writing source code? Use SAM to perform various tasks, such as data search and drawing graph on CSV files!


New Series : AINFT Making Record

How about making the world famous NFT into an AINFT? Let’s create an AINFT using an AI project deployed on Ainize!


Ainize Trigger has been launched!

We just launched Ainize Trigger! If you want to know a detailed explanation about the usage of Ainize trigger, please click on the link below!

Everyone’s AI #16 Open source version of GPT-3 and GPT-J

Published by OpenAI in 2020, GPT-3 has received a lot of attention for its excellent text generation ability. However, it was difficult to use due to the large size of the model. Let’s look at GPT-J, which appeared to overcome this issue, and Few-shot learning, which can perform tasks without training data.

Blockchain Exploration Series #2 Consensus Algorithm in Blockchain

How to validate a transaction on a blockchain? Also, why does the price of GPU go up according to the price of cryptocurrency? In this article, we will look at PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake), which are representative consensus algorithms used in related blockchain.

AI network is a blockchain-based platform and aims to innovate the AI development environment. It represents a global back-end infrastructure with millions of open source projects deployed live.

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