AI Network Monthly Update: July 2020

AI Network
Aug 1 · 3 min read
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Blockchain Core

Adding an abstraction layer to blockchain states
As an extension of the work that we posted in June 2020, AI Network blockchain adopted an abstraction layer for state tree nodes, moving away from directly using js objects. This is a basic step towards further implementation of efficient state version control and state proof API support.


As some of you might already know, Ainize is a serverless cloud and marketplace for open source projects, playing an important role in Project AI Network to transform thousands of Open Source to Open Resource without a deep understanding of blockchain technology. Currently, more than 300 open source projects are deployed and served as an API or web frontend.

Marketing Communication


Join our NEW AI Network Developer Community.
It’s a place to discuss blockchain core development, how to deploy projects on Ainize, using Ainize, etc. for both for Korean and English speaking developers.

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Angelhack Seoul 2020 Sponsorship

Project AI Network’s main contributor, Common Computer Inc. sponsored AngelHack Seoul 2020. AngelHack is one of the biggest hackathon globally, and this event was managed by the Seoul branch.

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More than 400 developers submitted projects during 10 days. Developers are encouraged to deploy their projects using Ainize and more than 20 teams experienced and deployed their results using Ainize. AI Network team joined the event as a mentor of developers and designers.

Inside AI Network

Relay interview — developers of AI Network
This month, we’ve interviewed Yoongi Kim, our new software engineer of Common Computer Inc. In 2018, a sophomore high school student Yoongi developed an AI model “Walk-Assistant” for the blind and visually impaired. This young Korean student conducted several research projects to improve his popular AI model. Please find more about how Yoongi contributes to Project AI Network.

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AI Network Blog

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