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AI Network Monthly Update: July 2022


AI Network Partners with Pinkfong Baby Shark!

Following the instant sell-out of their initial NFT collection, Pinkfong Baby Shark is coming back with their 2nd official NFT collection, Baby Shark: Collection №2, a 10K generative NFT project featuring each member of the shark family: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark and Grandpa Shark. As Pinkfong’s tech partner, AI Network will lead gameplay data and support synchronization between the data and NFTs on the metaverse. (To see how it works, please visit Baby Shark NFT’s Official Website and go to “play”.)

We look forward to collaborating with Pinkfong Baby Shark, a global IP, to promote AI Network’s technology to various communities and help establish an ecosystem in Web 3.0. There’s also a Whitelist event now, so if you’re interested in Baby Shark: Collection №2, check out the channels below!

3D Modeling with NeRF

We have uploaded new content about Stradivarius violin AINFT! (Forum post #1) In the last part (Forum post #0) we introduced the Stradivarius Violin project and explained the work we are doing in this project. Now, in our latest post, we talk about the NeRF model we used for the 360-degree rendering of the Stradivarius Violin Project. If you are curious about the process and results of creating a 3D rendering using 2D images, click the link below. You can also practice on your own using Ainize Workspace!

How to enjoy Korean Blockchain Week!

First, meet the AI Network team at Korean Blockchain Week!

Korean Blockchain Week is the largest crypto conference in Korea where you can talk about the present and future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and network with VIPs. On August 8 and 9, you can watch AI Network CEO Kim Minhyun’s keynote speech and meet the AINetwork team at the booth. You can learn more about AINFT, released in collaboration with AI Network, and attend the event onsite!

Second, beat the summer heat in the AINFT gallery!

On August 8, the AINFT Gallery will officially open in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Here, you can see various AINFT projects created based on AI network technology and experience interactive NFT beyond simple visuals. The AINFT Gallery plans to continue to function as a networking and events program that can interact with the Web 3.0 project through various partnerships, and “evolve into a space that deals with all topics of Web 3.0.”

During Korean Blockchain Week, we provide a place for visitors to rest and prepare their own side events such as meetings with AINFT partners and creators (developers, creators), so please stick around and visit us.

  • Address: B1 Michelan 147–2, Samseong Dong, Seoul


Run Your Node Coming Soon!

Soon, the “Run Your Node” feature will be available on the AI Network website. 🎉🎉 Run Your Node is a feature that allows you to collaborate in the AI Network platform. To run a node, first, you need to purchase an NFT. You can purchase your NFT through AIN. Participants who use the Run Your Node feature will not only receive rewards, but also an NFT that matches the node.

In the future, we plan to use NFTs in AI Network Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Once an NFT is certified by AI Network DAO, certain roles in the DAO will also be certified, such as the role of Captain. We are also planning to mint the profile picture of all Captains!! 🤩🤩

How about adopting a cute NFT and exploring our new features on AI Network? Check out our collaborative contribution platform at

AI network is a blockchain-based platform and aims to innovate the AI development environment. It represents a global back-end infrastructure with millions of open source projects deployed live.

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