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AI Network Monthly Update: June 2022


AI Network presents AINFT @Consensus2022 & NFT.NYC

We presented our AINFT project at Consensus 2022 in Austin, USA, and at NFT.NYC in New York, attracting the attention of many people. Many attendees were curious about the project’s catchphrase “Bring NFTs to life”, and some expressed that “interactive NFTs are the future of NFTs that can overcome their limitations.”

In addition, Soul Night, an exhibition that combines artificial intelligence, NFT, and art, was held during the NFT.NYC in Brooklyn, New York. It was hosted by NFT incubator Aeon Studio, and AI Network Blockchain developed and operated by Common Computer. Soul Night featured 12 interactive NFTs and it was a great opportunity to test the capabilities of AINFT.


Our first proposal was approved through AIN DAO Governance

Finally, the first proposal for our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) has been approved! Through AIN DAO, members can submit proposals for projects in the AI Network, and other DAO members can vote on whether the proposal should be accepted.

The entire process of submitting a proposal and voting through AIN DAO is as follows.

  1. Propose and suggest new initiatives by talking to members on the AIN DAO Discord channel #governance. — Here, the discussion is informal and does not need to be done through this channel.
  2. Post your proposal on the Forum and continue the discussion.
  3. When moderators determine that the proposer sufficiently considered several alternatives and solicited other members’ opinions, a vote will be held with a proposal link in Discord #voting.
  4. If you receive 3 or more upvotes from members with a higher level than the proposer, the proposal will be uploaded to the Snapshot by the moderator for final approval.
  5. Snapshot has a voting period of 3–7 days (depends on the nature and scope of the proposal).

Two projects were initially submitted for AIN DAO. The proposal for MiniEggs Tokenomics Proposal is currently in the discussion phase and will put to a vote soon, and the proposal for AINFT LAB has been approved. See the links below for more details on these two proposals.

To participate in the current governance of AIN DAO, you must become a member of AIN DAO. Join as an AIN DAO member by filling out this Google form, and participate in the AIN DAO Discord and forum to submit a project proposal!


AI Network Blockchain Updates

We’ve been imposing response limits for the getter APIs (max number of child nodes, max response size, etc.) for safety reasons, but we lacked the support for pagination.

This month, we have added the pagination feature so that users can correctly retrieve the full data from the blockchain database. Users only need to set the { is_partial = true } option when querying the blockchain node. With the option on, it will return a partial result with an end_label. When querying the next partial result, users need to set the last_end_label to the received end_label and repeat the process until we reach the end (end_label will be null at this point).

We have also updated the response formats of the AIN Blockchain’s JSON-RPC APIs and the ain-js SDK’s behavior to make them consistent. Now you’ll receive the result, code, and message within the raw response, and if you use ain-js, it will throw an Error if the response contains a non-success code. Furthermore, the admin APIs have been refactored and newly added that support node param updates without restarting the node.

AI Network Homepage Update

The AI Network homepage has been updated!

On the Node tab, you can view the description of nodes that contribute to the AI Network by providing computing power and check the updated status of the nodes that are currently running. If operating a node, the node operator can be rewarded with AIN. Currently, nodes can be operated using DSRV, a Node-as-a-Service platform.

The Token tab contains a description of AIN, the driving force behind the AI Network. You will find a description of how AIN is used, as well as an explanation of how AINFT and AIN will be connected in the future through Tokenomics. You can also stake AIN and check the status of your AIN in the current market, including the amount of AIN that is on offer.

You can access the updated AI Network homepage through the link below.

AI network is a blockchain-based platform and aims to innovate the AI development environment. It represents a global back-end infrastructure with millions of open source projects deployed live.

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