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AI Network Monthly Update: May 2022

AI Network Blockchain Updates

AIN Blockchain v1.0.7 has been released! Now you can easily run your own blockchain node with Docker. Check out the new tag at The v1.0.7 finally includes the long-awaited event handler feature. The event handler allows you to get the blockchain events such as new block finalization, state value changes, and transaction status changes.

Of the three types of events, the first two types have been launched and the last type (transaction status) is in development. We have also updated the code to verify the transaction earlier in the lifecycle of a transaction so that we can detect any anomaly/invalid transactions sooner and reduce computation resources used in them. Also this month, we held the 2nd internal bug bounty event. Bugs and issues found during the event have been patched promptly and will be applied to the next release.

Stradivarius AINFT

AI Network is working on making a Stradivarius violin into an AINFT! Stradivarius is an umbrella term for the stringed instruments made by Antonio Stradivari, a violin maker based in Cremona, Italy, and his family. They have been called the century’s masterpieces because of their unique elegant yet sophisticated sound.

The tonal beauty and overwhelmingness one experiences through music are beyond words. But, there always remains the regret of not being able to have that experience again. So, what if we could move instruments from the real world to the metaverse and resolve that regret through musical experiences in the digital world?

NFT Classics Society founded a DAO for this purpose. The project that they are pursuing is straightforward. It is about transferring musical experiences from the real world to the metaverse.

We will upload updates about the progress of this project to the AI Network Forum from time to time. So if you are curious about this project, please visit the AI Network Forum!

Stradivarius Project Developerlog :

What is AINFT, and why does it matter.

We believe that AINFT is essential. If artificial intelligence can get along with the community, the way NFT connects users and sellers directly and leads to building a network of people, we will be able to create the “AI for everyone” that we indeed are.

That is why AI network is running programs to educate and share information with various communities about the importance of AINFT. Starting with the “Mudopop Seminar ‘’ on May 4, AINFT LAB at the <Modu Labs> beginning in the second half of the year, AINFT creators can be intensively produced as AI Network DAO mentors in the States DAO. We will announce relevant on our social channels, such as AI network Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The AINFT LAB kicked off on ModuLab, and was offline for the first time in a while. More than 40 people participated online and offline, and we could feel the passion for AINFT.

The AINFT LAB kicked off on ModuLab, and was offline for the first time in a while. More than 40 people participated online and offline, and we could feel the passion for AINFT.

Awesome project with Global Ainizer

People’s Thoughts

Have you ever thought about how people respond to popular and trendy search terms? People’s thoughts allow you to instantly get information about the keyword you entered and how people feel about this keyword. Try it now!

AI network is a blockchain-based platform and aims to innovate the AI development environment. It represents a global back-end infrastructure with millions of open source projects deployed live.

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