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AI Network Monthly Update: October 2021


Blockchain Core

As some of you may know, we have a Javascript SDK called ain-js that helps developers interact with AIN Blockchain. We’ve been getting feature requests for a Python version of ain-js for quite a while now, especially since many of the applications on AIN Blockchain are AI/ML related. We are working hard to release ain-py, and are excited to bring it to our Python developers soon so you guys can build awesome projects on AIN!

And to increase security, we added an account importing method via Keystore files to AIN Blockchain. When a blockchain node is started, it will create a bootstrap account (keys) that can be used by the node operator to encrypt the password to the Keystore file.

A node operator will specify a Keystore file path to use, ask the node for the bootstrap public key, encrypt the password with the key, and send the encrypted password to the node server. The node will then decrypt the password and use it to obtain the node’s private key. We will also be supporting mnemonics in the near future.

Until recently, AIN Blockchain had a static whitelist of REST server URLs that can be used as external “functions”. These functions can be set at a specific path in the database, and once the value at the path is changed, blockchain nodes send POST requests to the function URLs with the transaction information. During development, we only allowed domains such as and, but when we launch the Mainnet, we are planning to whitelist developers and allow the verified developers to whitelist the function URLs they want to use. The whitelisting feature is now in, and we will be releasing a developer whitelist form, so stay tuned!


We proudly announce that Common Computer has successfully completed a $11 Million Series B investment round in two years.

Developing and analyzing artificial intelligence requires a huge computing infrastructure that is challenging to handle. Recently, open source provided by large companies such as Google and Microsoft has reduced this burden, but the time and cost hardships are still heavy for small and medium-sized companies.

As you may know, in order to minimize this burden, we have been focusing on developing technologies that enable sharing large-scale computing resources in real time, and for that reason, we currently operate over 300 GPUs on AI Network. After the Series B round, we aim to expand our resource size to one that is comparable to that of global AI companies.

We’ve been able to grow up alongside the tech and AI community so far and we will continue to be a ‘common computer’ that strives for all the people who have supported us and for everyone who will be part of our journey. Much gratitude to you all. Please continue to support us and stick around with us. Thank you.



AI network is a blockchain-based platform and aims to innovate the AI development environment. It represents a global back-end infrastructure with millions of open source projects deployed live.

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