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AI Network Monthly Update: October 2022

#AI Network

Blockchain on the Tea Table Episode 4. A series that simply introduces the AI Network blockchain simply and Episode 4 is about “How to create and manage crypto user accounts called AIN accounts.” The AIN account is like a ticket to the AIN blockchain. With AIN accounts, users can safely manage digital assets such as native AIN tokens on the blockchain and learn how to prove their identity through key signatures.

#AI Network

When you arrive at Uncommon Gallery, where you can experience NFT in our daily lives, the first thing that greets you is a large screen and a QR scanner. We call this a Smart Gate.

Everyone has experienced visiting a cultural heritage site at least once and getting a stamp for doing so. This stamp proves that you have visited the site and serves as a souvenir. Smart Gate is similar. It is a digitized stamp that has been previously recorded. When you scan the MetaMask QR on the Smart Gate, you get a POAP (Proof Of Attendance Protocol), a visit authentication NFT that fits the concept of the gallery exhibition. With this POAP, you can also enjoy different and unique experiences in the Uncommon Gallery, such as taking pictures with NFT.

The Smart Gate technology is available at the Uncommon Gallery and was also featured at the KME&KMF 2022 AI Network booth and at “Wisdom 2.0 Korea,” a mindfulness conference + festival that made Silicon Valley enthusiastic.

Those who have received a POAP through the Smart Gate become a proof and souvenir that they have visited a particular place or event, and this is accumulated in the Metamask wallet and serves as another asset when the value of the place or event visited increases. Visit the Uncommon Gallery and experience the Smart Gate!


AI Network participated in the “Korea Metaverse Festival & K-Metaverse Expo 2022” (KMF & KME 2022), the largest exhibition in Korea, for three days from October 13 to 15. At this event, AI Network introduced the Smart Gate technology (NFT issuance and authentication, NFT metadata machine) that can recognize and issue NFT using only the user’s virtual asset wallet tag on the smartphone. The visitor’s reactions to our exhibition were fun and meaningful. It was also the first time we introduced a teaser for the Fall/Halloween edition of the Spring/Summer edition of Baby Shark NFT, where AI Network is collaborating on the technology. The popularity of Baby Sharks implemented by NFT was so great that many visitors requested to apply for pre-order.


In the Text-to-art channel at AIN DAO, many people are generating creative images with AI, and this month we made an update on this channel. With the update to v0.2.0, many new features have been added. What are the new features?

1. Upscale

Added an Upscale feature to increase the resolution of images created in Text-to-art. You can increase the resolution to twice the width and the height of the current resulting image. If you create a 1024x1024 image with Text-to-art, you can get up to 2048x2048 images!

2. Blurred Image

Stable Diffusion, an AI model used in Text-to-art, has an NSFW filter that predicts if the generated image has obscene content. Before v0.2.0, a black image was displayed when it was caught by the NSFW filter. As of v0.2.0, it is displayed as a blurred image. You can also check the original image of the blurred image using the Image button at the bottom of the resulting image.

3. Minor increase in the maximum seed value

When creating an image in Text-to-art, you can specify a seed value. Based on the seed value, a random image is generated and used to create the resulting image. The maximum number of the seed values has been increased from 2147483647 to 4294967295, increasing the number of images that can be created. Now you can create more different images!

AI Network is a blockchain protocol-based collaborative computing architecture for artificial intelligence and metaverse. With the motto ‘Bring NFTs to Life’, AI Network provides AINFT technology that enables NFTs to interact with users and data in the metaverse, transforming them into dynamic and intelligent beings.

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