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AI Network Monthly Update: September 2022

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We just released Episodes 2 and 3 of our Blockchain on the Tea Table series. These series are AI Network’s contribution to the development culture to make Blockchain easier to understand.

Episode 2 introduces the blockchain explorer AIN Insight and the crypto faucet service (AIN faucet) for the AIN blockchain testing network for developers. Episode 3 contains a brief introduction to AIN Token, a native token used for trading decentralized computing resources on AI Network.

AIN Blockchain is still a young project and we are working around the clock to improve its flexibility, performance and security. Fore more details, see the links below:


Jina AI, a neural network-based search engine, and AI Network held a session titled “Text to art Office Hour” on the topic of Text to Image, a topic that has attracted a lot of attention recently. In this session, we introduced’s Clip as Service and the Stable Diffusion Discord bot that records data in the AI Network’s blockchain.

This session can be easily understood by anyone interested in AI art as well as AI developers. If you missed this session, you can watch it again in the video below.

Introducing AIN DAO’s AI Playground! AI Playground is a space where you can enjoy interesting and entertaining activities using AI models. Anyone can join AIN DAO Discord server and explore AI Playground.

This month, we added two new activities: “Text-to-Art” and “MOMO”. The first new addition is “Text-to-Art”. Text-to-Art creates high-quality images based on any text you type. The model used here is Stable-Diffusion, an open-source diffusion model that was recently released and is gaining a lot of popularity and interest. You can use Stable-Diffusion in the #text-to-art channel within the AIN DAO’s Discord. Below is a brief tutorial on how to use it:

  • First of all, you can check all the parameters that can be manipulated and the functions that you can use during image creation by entering the command: “/help” (stable-diffusion-bot).
  • Next, you can enter a prompt for the image you want to generate by typing the command: “/generate”. After that, you can enter any word that comes from your imagination as shown below.
  • When the PENDING state is finished and the task is completed, you can see the result of the generated image along with the prompt you entered. The resulting images are displayed in a grid format. You can view individual an enlarged version of each image by clicking on the buttons as shown below (Image #1 and Image#2).

We are currently giving away t-shirts featuring the images with the most likes created with Stable Diffusion in the Text to art channel at AIN DAO’s Discord. To participate, you must post the image you created with Stable Diffusion on Twitter and Instagram and follow the instructions at the link below.

Details to participate in the giveaway:

The second new addition to AI Playground is “MOMO”. MOMO stands for “MOvie eMOji”, and is a quiz game where you have to guess which movie it is by looking at the emojis. You can enjoy it on #momo. The data used for the quiz was created with the Text-to-Emoji task using GPT-3.

  • First of all, you can see the description and basic usage of MOMO by typing the command: “/help” (momo-bot).
  • Next, you can create a new quiz by using the command: “/quiz”. When you create a quiz, an emoji representing the movie will appear, and you can select the answer by pressing one of the buttons as shown below.
  • If you selected the correct answer, the message “You answered correct!” will be displayed.
  • If you select an incorrect answer, the message “You answered wrong” will be displayed.
  • You can see the list of top 10 users by entering the command: “/leaderboard”. The ranking increases with the number of correct questions.

The two activities introduced above were released as beta versions. Therefore, they might be changed or deleted at any time.

In the future, different activities and features using AI models will be added to AI Playground. Join AIN DAO server via the link below and enjoy AI Playground!

Finally, from October 20, 2022, Ainize will operate in conjunction with AI Network.

Ainize was able to benefit from 3 free deployment projects and 1 workspace (Preemptive T4 GPU) by using the Minicorn free membership.

We have changed our policies so that Ainize and the AI network are now integrated. As a result, the membership benefits that were available after registering as a member on the Ainize website will only be made available to those who meet the criteria after signing up for the AI Network DAO.

Please refer to the following notice for more details!


AI Network will be exhibiting Artificial Intelligence Non-Fungible Tokens (AINFT) at the Korea Metaverse Festival & Korea Metaverse Expo, the largest metaverse exhibition in Korea, which will be held at COEX B Hall in Seoul for 3 days from October 13–15.

You will be able to see Baby Shark NFT: Collection №2 Autumn/Halloween Edition for the first time. In this NFT collection AI Network participated as a technology partner. You also will be able to experience a smart gate where you can get a special Baby Shark NFT for free. The Uncommon Gallery, located just a few minutes away from COEX, will be hosting events and offering free drinks for our visitors as well.

On top of that, we will release an Whitelist (Allow-list) registration event where you can purchase NFTs from the Baby Shark NFT: Collection №2 at a discounted price, so be on the lookout and don’t miss this opportunity. You can register through the link below until October 20th.

The Uncommon Gallery currently hosts an exhibition by the Soul Fiction Project, an AINFT project supported by the AI Network technical infrastructure.

Soul Link NFT (Soul Fiction Project NFT) is an NFT that allows you set the personality traits of an artificial intelligence character by interacting with AI chatbots. Soul Link NFT owners can contribute to the dataset with their imagination by interacting with the Soul Fiction ecosystem. The idea is to create a meta-human personality by interacting with Soul Gate. It is within the power of the community to create an interactive NFT.

Here is the interview with Lucia Kang, one of the founders of Soul Fiction Project. In this interview, you will learn more about the planning, intention and direction of this project.

AI Network is a blockchain protocol-based collaborative computing architecture for artificial intelligence and metaverse. With the motto ‘Bring NFTs to Life’, AI Network provides AINFT technology that enables NFTs to interact with users and data in the metaverse, transforming them into dynamic and intelligent beings.

If you want to know more about us,
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