Ainize it! — Turn your selfies into an anime character using an AI open- source project!

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Apr 10 · 2 min read

Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology has been improving every year. It’s an integral part of our daily life. Many apps and services that we use everyday have been created with AI.

This is an interesting AI open-source project, called U_GAT_IT, which is an unsupervised Generative Attentional Networks with Adaptive Layer-Instance Normalization for Image-to-Image Translation (ICLR 2020). This open source created by Junho Kim is getting a lot of attention globally since this simply turns your selfies into anime characters.

Also, many people who love cartoons and animations use anime profile pictures for their social media and online community, so when they use U_GAT_IT, they can get a classic Japanese-style anime face made from their selfies or pictures.

You can also upload a selfie to the Ainize website to create your own anime character very simply. This requires a clear photo of your face with a simple background such as an ID card for better results. It takes just a few seconds to change your pictures into anime style and it would be quite a fun experience to see the results!

Ainize team has deployed U_Gat_It and served it as API on this website. Ainize is where you can instantly deploy and run any open-source projects for free.

Hope you enjoy making your own anime characters.

UGATIT Github Repo:
Try on Ainize:
Sign up for Ainize Project :
Facebook :
Youtube video:
Twitter :

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