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[Announcement] AI Network Issues Artificial Intelligence Composition Music NFT by POZALabs

Dear AI Network Community!

Music composed by artificial intelligence will be available through NFT.

AI Network collaborated with artificial intelligence composition company POZALabs to issue music composed by artificial intelligence as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to the NFT trading platform Opensea.

By utilizing blockchain encryption technology, the music composed by artificial intelligence became a digital asset.

NFT buyers will be copyrighted to music that exceeds the quality of human-made music among music composed by artificial intelligence. Buyers can get a premium account for the world’s first artificial intelligence subscription service, which will be released by POZALabs. With a premium account, you can receive exclusive music generated by artificial intelligence once a month. You can also download more than 10,000 songs composed by artificial intelligence for free.

The songs published in NFT this time are music that does not include human post-processing process. Not only the atmosphere, genre, and tempo, but also the composition of the instrument was controlled by artificial intelligence.

Examples include the New Age-style waltz song Green Blossom, hip-hop-style R&B song Mellow Sunset, jazz-style A dim streetlight, and the Cinematic-style waltz-like Cherry Blossom. In addition, acoustic and rock genres were included.

Kim Min-hyun, founder of AI Network, said, “I believe artificial intelligence can play a big role in the content market, such as Metabus and NFT. I want to contribute with the AI network ecosystem based on blockchain.”

Heo Won-gil, CEO of POZALabs, also said, “I think the meeting of artificial intelligence composition music and NFT will be a turning point in a new paradigm that changes the culture of using music.”

Artificial intelligence music of POZALabs published through AI network can be found at the link below.

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