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[Announcement] AI Network’s participation in KMF & KME 2022 with Smart Gate and AINFT exhibitions!

Hello Community!

AI Network will participate in the ‘Korea Metaverse Festival & K-Metaverse Expo’ (KMF & KME 2022), the largest exhibition of the metaverse industry in South Korea. The three-day event, which will be held from October 13 (Thursday) to 15 (Saturday) at COEX B Hall in Seoul, will showcase various technology projects from AI Network.

AI Network offers dynamic NFT technology (also known as AINFT), a dynamic NFT that can interact with users in the metaverse, unlike static NFTs. We also operate an offline NFT gallery at ‘Uncommon Gallery’ in Samseong-dong to make it easier for the public to experience these NFT technologies.

During our exhibition at COEX, you will be able to see the spring/summer edition of Baby Shark NFT, in which AI Network collaborates on the technology, as well as the teaser for the autumn/halloween edition. You can also experience our ‘Smart Gate’ technology (NFT issuance and authentication, NFT metadata utilization machine) that recognizes NFT just by the tag of the virtual asset wallet on the user’s smartphone.

Experience Smart Gate in both the COEX exhibit hall and in the Uncommon Gallery ! To celebrate your visit, you will receive discounts on the Baby Shark Special NFT Air Drop and Baby Shark NFT Autumn Edition.

Experience the web3 ecosystem created by AI Network such as Metaverse and NFT at this event at COEX!

Thank you.

AI Network is a blockchain protocol-based collaborative computing architecture for artificial intelligence and metaverse. With the motto ‘Bring NFTs to Life’, AI Network provides AINFT technology that enables NFTs to interact with users and data in the metaverse, transforming them into dynamic and intelligent beings.

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