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[Announcement] Common Computer provides technical support to publishing a video of South Korea’s presidential candidate pledge as an NFT

Hello! AI network community!

In South Korea, less than two months before the presidential election, the presidential campaign is hotter than ever. Common Computer, along with YTN and Block Media, will publish a video of the 22nd South Korea’s presidential candidate’s pledge on NFT. It is the first case of NFT production of a press video for the presidential election pledge.

On January 21, YTN made an NFT of acceptance speech for four presidential candidates, including Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea, Yoon Seok-yeol of the People’s Power, Sim Sang Jung of the Justice Party, and Ahn Cheol Soo of the People’s Party. Each candidate’s video produced by NFT was chosen by each candidate.

It was done with YTN DMB’s planning, Blockmedia specializing in blockchain, and technical cooperation from Common Computer.

The NFT of the presidential election pledge means permanently imprinting promises to the public on a blockchain that cannot be forged. No one can modify or change the pledges of the candidates in the NFT and the promises to the public as long as the blockchain network exists.

Common Computer plans to run ‘Momentos: Our Choice Becomes History’, a community that monitors the implementation of pledges during the presidential election in collaboration with Block Media.

Each candidate’s pledge made of NFT, verification of promises, confirmation of implementation, and discussion on implementation plans will also be held.

<22nd Presidential Candidate YTN Report Video NFT List>

Lee Jae-myung’s pledge NFT #1: A country of fairness and common sense, and a country of great integration.

“ I, Lee Jae-myung, will create a country of fair and common sense, a country of great integration that enjoys fair opportunities.”
“We will create a fair and common-sense country where special sacrifices are given special rewards.”
“I represent everyone the moment I become president. We will create a country of great integration where everyone enjoys fair opportunities.”

2. Yoon Seok Yeol’s pledge NFT #1: Youth and women as the leaders of victory.

“I, Yoon Seok-yeol, will reinforce young people and women, expand on a support base, and make the protagonist of victory.”
“We will expand our support base through moderate and rational progress and make young people and women the core of winning the presidential election.”
“We need to achieve high-quality sustainable jobs, improve economic growth, and establish a social safety net system.”

3. Sim Sang Jung Pledge NFT #1: A four-day workweek, a proud developed country.

“I, Sim Sang Jung, will implement a four-day workweek. Through the new labor law, we will make Korea a proud advanced labor country.”
“We will grant strong labor rights so that all working citizens can be guaranteed the right to work, rest, and unite.”
“I promise to firmly promote the four-day national week system.”

4. Ahn Cheol Soo Pledge NFT #1: Pension Reform for Youth and the National Future

“I will reform the public pension. We will start pension reform for the younger generation and for the future of the country.”
“Shouldn’t someone step up for the future of the country? As the first step in pension integration, we will push for the same pension system.”
“We will start drastic public pension reform for the sustainable future and the retirement of young people.”

This NFT auction will be held at OpenSea until February 4th.

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