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[Announcement] ‘Line Blockchain’ will join as a node that performs AI tasks in AI Network!

Line’s blockchain platform ‘Line Blockchain’ will join as a node that performs AI tasks in AI Network.

AI Network announced on the 7th June that Line Blockchain will participate as a new node for AI network. Line blockchain plans to participate as a node that performs AI tasks in AI Network to help AI models be reliably serviced.

AI Network is a blockchain-based artificial intelligence development cloud platform. It allows developers to share the large-scale computing resources needed to develop artificial intelligence technologies and services based on blockchain in real-time.

The AI node participating this time is a structure that is rewarded through AI work, just as existing blockchains are rewarded if they mine or verify. It can be seen as the first case in the world in which blockchain networks that learn and infer AI models on a large scale are actually up and running.

“AI models and data are becoming larger and technology gaps are widening,” said Kim Min-Hyun, founder of AI Network. He also said, “We are gathering participants for everyone’s AI ecosystem, and cooperation with Line Blockchain is a big help.”

“AI Network is a network with high potential for users around the world to upgrade AI together with blockchain technology,” said Kim Woo-suk, CEO of Line TechPlus. “We are happy to participate in the early ecosystem of AI Network.”, he added.

AI Network currently has more than 1,500 projects and 200 AI models running, and anyone can contribute to the AI ecosystem through DSRV’s Run Your Node platform.


AI network is a blockchain-based platform and aims to innovate the AI development environment. It represents a global back-end infrastructure with millions of open source projects deployed live.

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