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Common Computer Collaborate with Desilo on the development of the world’s first Homomorphic Encryption-based blockchain

- MOU for development of blockchain core technology and machine learning application technology using homomorphic passwords

- Collaborate to ensure data privacy and reliability in the era of the 4th industry

Common Computer, a blockchain-based cloud company, said it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Desilo, an AI startup based on dynamic cryptography technology, to ‘develop blockchain core technologies and machine learning applications using homogeneous ciphers.’ The homozygous password is attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign companies as it can solve data privacy and data silos with technology that can analyze data as it is encrypted.

Common Computer is a startup that develops blockchain-based clouds that enable collaborative AI. Based on its own blockchain protocol ‘AI Network’ and ‘Ainize’, which is an AI development and marketplace platform, it will be able to service high-performance AI on serverless clouds. It is providing optimal solutions to organizations that are planning to strengthen AI capabilities such as LG and KAIST.

Through this business agreement, Common Computer and Desilo will cooperate in developing blockchain protocols and machine learning application technologies using homomorphic passwords. Through this, the company plans to protect data privacy in the era of the fourth industry while also enabling reliability guarantees for data utilization.

Kim Min-hyun, founder of Common Computer said, “Since all data on public blockchain should be disclosed, it is essential to strengthen the privacy of data recorded and disclosed on blockchain in order to enable free collaborative AI based on blockchain protocols in the future.”

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