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Founder Minhyun Kim Attended Microsoft Cloud Conference ‘Azure Everywhere’ as a Speaker

Hello AI Network Community!

​We’re here to share one more piece of good news. Founder Kim Min-hyun attended the cloud conference ‘Azure Everywhere’, hosted by Microsoft Korea, under the theme of ‘Artificial Intelligence Championship, Agile Management with Kubernetis-based Infrastructure.’

The conference, which was held online on April 22, was a conference to hear stories about cloud trends, technologies, and success stories.

Common Computer participated in the conference on the 3rd day under the theme of ‘Quick Business Transformation for Developers and Startups’ and was able to deliver examples of AI service construction using Azure and know-how in success.

Fast-growing AI market based on containers

The AI market is growing rapidly based on containers. The use of container technology has increased significantly for efficient artificial intelligence services. Google also has established an in-house container environment and is operating billions of new containers every week.

Demand for easy sharing or convergence of various AI and machine learning solutions is increasing. For example, ‘Artificial Intelligence Compatibility Between Robots’, which was difficult before, is also possible with container technology. It’s like sharing intelligence among robots.

Common Computer is a startup that creates technology based on this container that can instantly execute, share, and even utilize all the source code in the world. LG and KAIST are also increasing synergy through AINIZE, a platform of common computers. AI Network support AINIZE with blockchain technology to manage distributed hybrid cloud systems.

Kim Min-hyun, Founder of Common Computer, shared that open source can be used for ‘infrastructure’. In particular, He shared ComCom’s experience as the host of a large competition called the Artificial Intelligence Championship. Common Computer was selected as the operator of the ‘Artificial Intelligence Championship’ hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups of South Korea in 2020.​

Big companies and senior startups like LG Science Park, Korea Tire & Technology in manufacturing, Kosin University Gospel Hospital in the medical field, KDX Korea Data Exchange in the video field, Naver, BC Card, Woowa Brothers in consumer and living field attended.

The existing AI competition was focused on quantitative and research competitions that were given datasets and submitted first-place solutions, but the Artificial Intelligence Championship has become a venue for active communication between large companies and startups.

​A total of 50 teams from 8 assignments participated in this competition. Common Computers had the challenge of providing these teams with a stable, fair, and universal environment, not a different infrastructure or development environment. We were able to provide a barrier-free service during the competition by providing an Azure-based development environment to the championship participating team.

Common Computer has been participating in the Microsoft startup program for a year. In addition to our existing business cooperation with Microsoft, we will also have opportunities to work together on many projects in the future!

“We cannot solve the AI problem alone.” said founder Kim Min-hyun. We cannot solve the AI problem alone. He also stated that “As AI models are becoming increasingly complex in today’s world, we need to collaborate on the solutions for AI to get meaningful results.”

There are many interesting and meaningful discussions going on, so please look forward to it!

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