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The Age of AINFT

The untact flow, that began with COVID-19, was an opportunity to ignite the metaverse. The NFT, which emerged after the metaverse phase was overcome, is gaining popularity because it can “put a price on things that were difficult to value.’ To accurately understand the nature of the NFT market, we need to trace the history of the Internet before we talk about blockchain.

From web 1.0 to web 3.0. It’s time for computers to connect.

The origins of what we call the Internet date back to the 1960s. The ARPA(Advanced Research Planning Agency) of the U.S. Department of Defense created a remote computer network called ARPANet. In 1989, the World Wide Web appeared, changing the world. It is the birth of a huge computer network that connects the whole world. The web connected information freely. The collection of web pages in a computer network was truly groundbreaking. People could see any document they wanted.

Bitcoin, which emerged in the midst of the financial crisis in October 2008, was a concept that everyone should share ownership of money or information about numbers. With the release of the Ethereum white paper in 2013, the concept was expanded to a program called Smart Contract.

Finally, in 2018, the ‘AI Network’ extended this concept not only to programs, but also to containers. Unlike Smart Contracts, which can only execute certain types of small programs, containers can even execute the dependencies of programs, allowing large capacity programs like AI to be connected to the internet.

The AI Network advocates the ‘Internet for AI’, which allows computers around the world to collaboratively develop artificial intelligence without belonging to an organization. Meanwhile, AINFT summarizes every component of artificial intelligence. It is at theheart of the task of dividing up and taking ownership of the artificial intelligence pipeline.

In the metaverse, NFT will inevitably be ‘artificial intelligence’

When it comes to NFT, people often think of money. Indeed, NFT sold for an extremely high price, is a daily hot topic. However, NFT is a broader concept, asit is simply referred to as finance or money. This is because NFT can express everything digitally.

Everything that is digital is represented by code. However, giving value to NFT with code, is not as simple as it seems. This is because the code that corresponds to artificial intelligence is changing even as we speak. The era of artificial intelligence writing code has already arrived, not the era for developers creating programs, and artificial intelligence in the age of so-called Software 2.0 is churning out code based on enormous data. AINFTs that takes advantage of this are already standing out.

For example, the work of Kang Hyung-koo, a master of hyperrealism, is becoming intelligent under the name ‘Soul Fiction NFT’. NFT owners are the subjects of a chatbot training that enhances this. The Stradivarius violin NFT, one of the best violins in the world, does not just play only music. It is 3D on a metaverse and plays music composed by a natural language processing artificial intelligence model.

NFT is no longer a stationary concept. What is possible on the Internet is only at the beginning of the long timeline. Most importantly, there are endless attempts to harness the computing and processing power of computers. There is an AINFT that is at the forefront. Would not it be a privilege to live in the Web3 era and see AINFT communicate with the world and change?

This article was published in Korea’s famous media, IT Chosun. It was written by AI Network’s founder Kim Min-hyun.

AI Network is a blockchain protocol-based collaborative computing architecture for artificial intelligence and metaverse. With the motto ‘Bring NFTs to Life’, AI Network provides AINFT technology that enables NFTs to interact with users and data in the metaverse, transforming them into dynamic and intelligent beings.

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