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[Weekly AI Network] #8 Global Ainizer Interview: You can be a data scientist SAM

We shared about Ainize last time. AI network is currently operating a Global Ainizer project using Ainize. Let’s fill the first week of February with models made by artificial intelligence developers around the world using Ainize and why they chose Ainize.

The first Global Ainizer we introduce today is Eniola Osineye, an engineer at IBM.

  1. How did you get to know Ainize?

I was thinking about how to use artificial intelligence models online and found Ainize. In the meantime, I happened to encounter the global Ainizer program. I played a role in developing AI models and sharing them with you while working as an Ainizer.

2. Please introduce your AI model.

SAM stands for Simple Analysis Machine. This model can make everyone a ‘data scientist’. While majoring in computer science and data analysis at university, I realized many companies use data to make decisions, but it is expensive to have separate data analysis personnel for simple data analysis. Learning analysis models such as Excel and Python took a lot of time, so there were practical difficulties. This model plays a role in helping data-based decisions using artificial intelligence. It can be used simply like a web-based application.

3. How do you think SAM will help AI developers?

SAM is actually not a work for artificial intelligence developers. It was developed to help the general public in need of data analysis. Since it is open-source, it will be possible to take it and develop it in a different way. I think it can help other artificial intelligence projects in a way that adds better ideas.

4. Please advise those who use SAM.

A tutorial on how to use SAM has been prepared. Tutorial videos are also available, so you can use them if you have difficulties.

5. How do you feel about using Ainize?

It is easier than Amazon AWS or Google Firebase. You can use it with a few clicks. If I have time and do another project, I will also use Ainize again.

If you want to use SAM, please refer to the link below.

✔️Web Demo :

✔️API on Ainize :

✔️GitHub repo :

✔️Blog Post:

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