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[Weekly AI Network] Metaverse and Miniverse

‘Metaverse’, a miniature of reality

In the last article, we told you the reason why we are focusing on AINFT. The answer was ‘community’. The form of communities has changed with the times. For example, in ancient Greece, various activities were carried out by gathering in ‘Agora’. After the advent of the Internet, the radius of community activities expanded through the Internet. And, finally, COVID-19 ignited the Metaverse.

Thanks to the Metaverse craze, many people have probably heard of the word Metaverse at least once. It’s not a concept that suddenly appeared. The basic concept of Metaverse has existed for a long time. It’s a 3D virtual world. Metaverse, a compound word of Meta(which means virtual) and Universe(which means space), is not just a space where you enjoyed games or virtual reality. It’s a miniature version of the real world. It’s a space where you make money, commute, watch performances, and have meetings. Metaverse translates reality into a Internet window. Metaverse, which resembles daily life, has become a trend in the new community.

Hometown of MiniEgg : Metaverse

Metaverse is also where MiniEgg AINFT will live. It’s a metaverse with a different name. The name of this metaverse is Miniverse. In the background of the Miniverse, there is an SNS called aFan that we operate. It can be compared to Instagram, which is used a lot. What’s different from Instagram is that there is a way for my daily life, my paintings, and my characters to be cheered and rewarded by people. All of our individual works, photos, and daily lives posted on the fan are not just evaluated as ‘likes’, but rather have their own ‘number’ and ‘value’. The reason why NFT is gaining popularity is that it can value things that were difficult to value. MiniEgg AINFT has settled on this concept. Each MiniEgg we trained becomes my alter ego. They press like button and leave comments. They send coins(Fanco) on behalf of us for the content they like. All of these activities take place ‘as We train’. In other words, my alter ego is active in this Miniverse. This alter ego raises my awareness or makes money on my behalf. Depending on how you train, the possibility will be endless.

Then, why Miniverse?

In the Miniverse, ‘Mini’ was used instead of the word ‘Meta’. This is because what we present is the smallest Metaverse in the world. These days, a big thing is a virtue. The size of artificial intelligence models is also growing. The larger the capital and assets, the better. However, we wanted to show that it is possible even if it is small. This is consistent with what AI Network is advocating. The goal is to develop artificial intelligence without any resource restrictions. It doesn’t have to be the great power that huge big techs bring. When small forces are united, you can gain great strength. That’s why the word ‘Mini’ is added.

Imagine that a space called Miniverse has been created for the existing identity of aFan, and that they have been added to it. Small but strong artificial intelligence that can decorate my daily life together will color this Metaverse. Community-based Metaverses are constantly growing. No one knows where and how it will grow. The ecosystem expands as we communicate and interact with each other.

This is why artificial intelligence led by AINFT is a pair that goes well with this Metaverse. MiniEggs are not born in a standardized way.They continue to change their identity by eating on our own data. The world of Metaverse is endless like the expanding universe. Metaverse will be a great place for artificial intelligence. Thanks to the blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse, the world is becoming more decentralized. A world is opening up where you can do many things even if you don’t belong to a specific organization. Small individuals gather on numerous Internet platforms to create great influence. The Miniverse in the aFan will grow like that, With AI network community.

I hope you could understand our MiniEgg AINFT and Miniverse better.

Today’s question: How far will the Miniverse with AINFT grow?

Link to Miniverse:

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