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Hello, AI Network community!

On August 8, 2022(KST), after long preparation, AI Network opened UNCOMMON GALLERY, an offline NFT gallery, coinciding with the start of KBW2022(Korean Blockchain Week 2022)!

At UNCOMMON GALLERY, several AINFT projects in progress at AI Network will be introduced and showcased. The theme of the first exhibition is “Baby Shark NFT”. The first phase will be on display until August 19 and the second phase is scheduled to start on September 2.

You can check the location of UNCOMMON GALLERY by clicking the link below.



Below is the entrance to UNCOMMON GALLERY. Upon entry, you will receive a UNCOMMON GALLERY X Baby Shark 2022 stamp NFT.

As you can see in the middle of the picture, there is a QR reader installed there. Scan the QR code of your Metamask wallet here to get the NFT drop. The NFT image you want to drop can be re-rolled up to 3 times. If you choose the image on the display, you can drop the NFT of that image by pressing the “Claim Shark!” button.

You can only drop one NFT per wallet. After you receive the NFT, you can check the dropped NFT with the message “Welcome Back!” on the display by scanning the QR code again.

Mini-game Room

To the right of the gallery entrance is the Mini-game Room. Here, you can play the Baby Shark mini-game(Save William!) with the GameJoy game machine, made with a 3D printer. There are 6 game machines in total, and everyone who visits the gallery can enjoy this mini-game with exciting baby shark videos.

We also launched a mini-game event named “Baby Shark: Collection №2 WL” (White List). This event is held so that many people can get early access to the Baby Shark NFT Collection №2. and it will continue until minting day (date to be confirmed). So we hope many people will participate in it. For more details about the event see the photos below.

Many of you may be curious about AINFT technology, that combines AI and NFT. On the right wall of the mini-game room you can see in detail the AINFT technology used in the Baby Shark NFT. After storing the data generated from NFT activities in the blockchain, you can check the core principle of AINFT to improve NFT based on the stored data.

Main Hall

As you enter the gallery from the entrance, you will see the main hall. The main hall is the largest room in the gallery. The Baby Shark NFT gallery is displayed on different sized screens such as tablets and projectors. Particularly, in the projector, you will see the rendered graphics that match the NFT image you receive at the entrance.

On the left side of the main hall, you can see the roadmap for Baby Shark NFT. The roadmap shows not only the plans that have been completed, but also our future plans with Baby Shark NFT.


In the innermost part of UNCOMMON GALLERY, there is a space where you can enjoy a break with a drink. Do you like americano or cafe latte? We have also prepared a delicious special drink called “Shark Ade” to go with the Baby Shark theme. Recharge your batteries in this hot summer with a refreshing drink and air conditioning!

So far we have looked at UNCOMMON GALLERY. This gallery is full of Baby Shark NFTs. We hope many people will be interested in this project and come. Currently UNCOMMON GALLERY is working on turning the AINFT project “Soul Link” into a theme for their space.

UNCOMMON GALLERY is not just a static space where you can see exhibitions, but an interactive space where you can experience various activities, such as NFT drop, mini-games, and WL events. As AINFT has shown the combination of AI and NFT, UNCOMMON GALLERY offers visitors a unique and interactive experience that has never been seen before by combining NFT and offline space.

We ask for your continued interest in UNCOMMON GALLERY, which allows us to feel AINFT closer to our daily lives. Many AINFT projects to collaborate and experience with AI Network are waiting for you.

AI Network is a blockchain-based, collaborative computing architecture for AI and Metaverse. AI Network powers AINFT, which transforms your NFT into intelligent and brilliant beings that can interact with users in the Metaverse.


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