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Aicial Insights — Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: Who Owns the Rights and Royalties?

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With recent advancements in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, researchers have begun to take a closer look at intellectual property laws as they apply to creative works produced by computers. The issue in question is: If a computer program produces a creative work without …

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How bot-to-bot could soon replace APIs

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By now it’s clear that bots will cause a major paradigm shift in customer service, e-commerce, and, quite frankly, all aspects of software-to-human interaction.

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Kings to Become First NBA Team to Utilize Chatbots

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Talking and listening to fans are important aspects for NBA teams, and now the Kings will be the first in the NBA to take those components to the next technological level. Taylor Soper of GeekWire recently reported that the Kings have partnered with a startup organization called JiffyBots to incorporate their chatbot technology to communicate with fans about Golden 1 Center. According to Soper, these chatbots use “artificial intelligence and natural language processing to understand what people need and want.”

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Here’s how Facebook Messenger will change banking

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The Facebook Messenger platform opens many doors for easier, better digital interactions by enabling businesses to embed codes in chat conversations. Businesses can now obtain user messages, translate them into action requests, and send back automatically generated or manually-typed-by-human responses to the users. This is a faster, simpler, and richer experience than mobile app interactions, which require users to navigate through a mobile app, click on different links, load new pages, and wait for confirmation.

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Forget Siri: Machine Learning and AI is Coming For Your Smartphone — Dataconomy

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Big Data News, Events, and Expert Opinion

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Big data should be driven by business needs, not technology

#BigData #CMO #AI

Big data analytics can deliver massive value, but too often companies let technology guide their efforts. Instead, decisions must be based on business priorities.

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Artificial intelligence: The next frontier, Economy News & Top Stories — The Straits Times

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.

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What if robots decide they want to take control?

#robots #AI

Google’s DeepMind is finding a way to make sure we can pull the plug on self-learning machines when we want to.

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Hey Siri! At Apple WWDC 2016, Tim Cook needs to make big data, AI pivot

#AI #BigData #WWDC2016

Apple has boxed itself into a big data and artificial intelligence corner and fell behind the likes of Amazon and Google. It’s time for a new pact between Apple and its customers to make an AI comeback.

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Google’s Deepmind AI will play Go against the world number one

#ai #Deepmind #Google

After it beat Korean grandmaster Lee Sedol by four games to one earlier this year, Google’s AlphaGo has become the Go player to beat. Even while the series was…

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