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Smart assistants and chatbots will be top consumer applications for AI over next 5 years, poll says

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Virtual agents and chatbots will be the top consumer applications of artificial intelligence over the next five years, according to a consensus poll released today by TechEmergence, a marketing research firm for AI and machine learning.


  • Our “AI Startup Consensus” featuring artificial intelligence consumer tech predictions, picked up on @VentureBeat, https:/…
  • Rails for the services will be required. So now, my company invests for the IoT user interface for each AI.
  • @ashevat Today I agree, but the future statement seems a tad speculative See:
  • Top AI consumer applications everyone needs to tap: Virtual assistants/ chat bots and smart products

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How Google is Remaking Itself as a “Machine Learning First” Company — Backchannel

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If you want to build artificial intelligence into every product, you better retrain your army of coders. Check.


  • What’s next for Google and tech ? Mr @StevenLevy shows us the future AI MachineLearning
  • “If you want to build AI into every product, you better retrain your army of coders.” google
  • “These artificial intelligence techniques are the present and the future of Google,” — @StevenLevy AI
  • Yes, AI is THIS important… “For many years, machine learning was considered a specialty, limited to an elite…
  • The Minsky Memorial AI ML

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Programming robots to play poker in one summer with Watson — IBM Watson

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This summer, the IBM Watson team invited the six of us to join them at the Research Triangle Park campus to embark on an adventure. The adventure? Take these robots, make them play poker, and show the usefulness of the Watson services on Bluemix. With that said, we are really excited about this project and all

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Principles of Chatbots Design — Designmodo

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Are chatbots in the future of website design? These little bits of artificial intelligence are starting to pop up everywhere.


  • webdesign Principles of Chatbots Design — You’re reading Principles of Chatbots Design, originally posted on D…

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Developers united in their focus on IoT and AI

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An Evans Data Corporation survey shed light on a growing trend in developer focus — for those at data-driven firms, a shift towards IoT, AI, and robotics


  • shrewd observation on convergence of AI IoT DataAnalytics what does it mean for a bank an insurer fintech
  • iot Developers united in their focus on IoT and AI — A recently published survey by the Evans Data Corporation…

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