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Prospera is an AI Company Helping Advance Agriculture

Thanks to machine learning company Prospera, one of man’s oldest practices will be made new by way of Propsera’s AI based solutions.

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Phew! Facebook’s artificial intelligence chief Yann LeCun says machines are not a threat to humanity

The chief scientist leading Facebook’s research into artificial intelligence doesn’t believe the technology is a threat to human existence — unless

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Google and Microsoft Want Every Company to Scrutinize You with AI

The tech giants are eager to rent out their AI breakthroughs to other companies.

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9 Useful Facebook Messenger Chatbots: Marketing Examples to Learn From

Facebook has taken the next step in their attempt to become more business integrated and savvy. Their Messenger system is allowing companies to create bots letting users purchase products, request services, get information, and more. All from a personal message window on their Facebook dashboard. Here’s how to add a chatbot Here’s how to create one These are the nine Facebook messenger bots you should check out especially if you… [Read More…]

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