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Kik users have exchanged over 1.8 billion messages with the platform’s 20,000 chatbots

Kik is still bullish on chatbots and has quite a few reasons to be. Just last May at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, Kik CEO Ted Livingston divulged that..

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Skype is rolling out its own set of chatbots

Skype is the latest service to be joining in on the bot craze. After deploying a preview of Skype Bots back in April, the company is pushing a new series of cha…

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Would you want to talk to a machine? — BBC News

Chatbots are everywhere these days, but how will they change the nature of our chats and will that change be for the better?

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The White House requested input on artificial intelligence, and IBM’s response is a great AI 101

The field of artificial intelligence is so huge, and the potential applications so numerous, that it would be folly to try to explain it all in one — no,..

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3 reasons messaging apps and chatbots will change the face of marketing

Marketing has always been about a company selling a product to the masses. Think of billboards seen by millions of travelers. Think of TV ads playing in the background of millions of homes. Think of magazine ads sitting in millions of doctors’ offices.

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