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Exclusive: Apple acquires Turi in major exit for Seattle-based machine learning and AI startup — GeekWire

Machine learning and artificial intelligence startup Turi has been acquired by Apple in a deal characterized as a blockbuster exit for the Seattle-based co

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Apple buys Turi artificial intelligence startup for $200 million — Business Insider

Apple has purchased Turi, a Seattle-based machine learning startup.

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DMNotes: Chatbots, Olympics, and ‘Suicide Squad’ — DMN

DMN Editors sound off on the items of the week that caught their respective eyes.

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Apple acquires Turi, a machine learning company

Word just started going around the rumormill that Apple has acquired Turi, a company that describes itself as a “machine learning platform for developers and..

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Carnegie Mellon’s Mayhem AI takes home $2 million from DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge

The 2016 DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge has concluded, and the winning team — Carnegie Mellon University’s ForAllSecure — is taking home the $2 million grand..

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