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How chatbots could have helped Delta Airlines during its computer outage

Delta Airlines experienced a major computer outage recently, one that caused canceled flights and massive delays. Many passengers were stranded in airports, and the company now has to look back and find the cause. Most of the work will involve a close look at the IT systems they are using and how to create better redundancy, but there’s also the “soft” issue of dealing with passengers who need to be rebooked on a flight or at least reassured that everything is OK.

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Why Bill Gates would like Prepathon’s new education chatbots

When Bill Gates gets confused, he emails a smart friend to ask for guidance or to verify that he correctly understands a complicated idea.

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Machine Learning Startups Snapped Up: Big Data Roundup — InformationWeek

Apple, Intel, Palantir, and HPE were among the tech giants acquiring data analytics and machine learning companies. Here’s your Big Data Roundup for the week ending August 14, 2016

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Solving the world’s biggest challenges with AI could net you a cool $3 million

Interested in the future of artificial intelligence? Fancy winning a few million dollars? If you answered yes to both questions, you may want to check out the newly opened IBM Watson AI Xprize competition.

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Nvidia’s bet on deep learning and autonomous cars drives stock to record highs — MarketWatch

Nvidia Corp. surprised investors with a better than expected quarter, fueled by sales of its new graphics processor family, and a surge in sales of chips to data centers.

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