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How chatbots can help small business

In case you haven’t noticed, the bots aren’t coming — they’ve already arrived.

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Pop culture’s many takes on artificial intelligence

Over the years, artists, writers, filmmakers and game studios have all tackled the concept of artificial intelligence. Often their vision is of machines that ar…

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Artificial Intelligence Could Help End Poverty Worldwide

Artificial intelligence has been tasked with many projects in its brief history, but assisting in the latest United Nations projects aimed at ending world

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Artificial intelligence is now the real thing

Every one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s flagship initiatives — Make in India, Skill India, Digital India — will be impacted by the recent advances in artificial intelligence, making it imperative for Indian policymakers to take both an immediate and a long-term view

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Botswana Came Heartbreakingly Close to Winning a Medal in the Men’s 4x400 Relay Okayafrica.

Tough loss for Botswana’s men’s 4x400 relay team in Rio.

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