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The Tulips of April

Poetry fully written by Su Layug, a.k.a DiwaPh, as a response to the AI image shown that the author created

The Tulips of April
By Su Layug, a.k.a. DiwaPh (AI image created by the author)

These are the lanterns of our dewdrop mornings,
These are the twilights of our consecrated hours.
The tulips burn like candles in apocalyptic May
distorting the prayers of the passers-by:

Please, one more day –
Please, if I could. just. get.
to where she is now.

Or, If I only had the endurance of a ballerina,
I would not be
such an angry bitch.

And my favorite:
I wish Tommy knew
I didn’t mean to break his Barbie’s
head, I was just jealous
he was allowed
to have one.

— The whispers the tu lips hear,
but are not allowed to say —

I send mine in a paper lantern
in the dead heat of August,
hoping the lake might drown it
before the heavens grant it.
to another grown-ass little girl.



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su layug / DiwaPH

su layug / DiwaPH

Writer. Translator. @NPR poems. My home/office faces Lake Michigan: the NE window reminds me of vacation, the E window reminds me of the dreaded Manila floods.