My AI Saturdays (Lagos) Journey -Week 12

Week 12, a week after our presentation and we are still kicking ass, this weekend, we were back to our usual venue,Univelcity. Lagos traffic was crazy that the facilitators couldn’t make it on time.

While waiting, Sadiq Aderinto & Stanley Dukor took us through their experience and how they won a 1000 dollar each from the just concluded Data Science Nigeria Competition.

You want to know more about Sadiq’s 1000 dollar story ?

Read here: My 1000 dollars story by Sadiq Aderinto.

Facilitors arrived and the class kicked off. The scheduled topics were anomaly detection and recommender system.

George explaining anomal detection.

Anomaly detection refers to the task of finding observations that do not conform to the normal, expected behaviour. These observations can be named as anomalies, outliers, novelty, exceptions, surprises in different application domains. The most popular terms that occur most often in literature are anomalies and outliers.

-Sergey kibish

Anomaly detection is an actual problem especially in areas like — Intrusion detection, Fraud detection and Industrial damage detection.

A recommender system is a technology that is deployed in the environment where items (products, movies, events, articles)are to be recommended to users (customers, visitors, app users, readers) or the opposite.

- Pavel Kordík

Recommender system are typically classified into two — content based and collaborative filtering methods even though modern recommenders combine both.

We could only cover Anomaly dection and a little bit of Recommender system as the intermediate class had a lecture with Alan .

Alan Nichol is co-founder and CTO of leading open source conversational AI company Rasa, where he helps create the software that enables developers to expand bots beyond answering simple questions. The open source Rasa Stack enables thousands of developers worldwide, from startups to Fortune 500, to build in-house conversational AI. Alan is the author of the DataCamp course Building Chatbots in Python and was featured in Forbes 30 under 30. Alan holds a Ph.D. in machine learning from the University of Cambridge and has years of experience building AI-powered products in industry


His lecture was on How to build “Level 3” conversation AI . We had some technical issues with audio but it definitely an insightful session. The session sparked my interest and I am now considering NLP(Natural language processing).

The whole AI6 family has been invited by google to Devfest 2018, courtesy our favourite uncle, Aniedi Udo-Obong and that is where we will be kicking ass this weekend.



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