My AI Saturdays(Lagos) Journey- Week 3.


It was another weekend, I was feeling blue and was not in the mood to go out(bruno mars' the Lazy song was playing in my head). Earlier in the week I lost an uncle (my mother's brother) and while everybody was having toothache from eating too much meat during the sallah holiday, I was eating meat and mourning(mourners eat meat too). The screen of my laptop also chose to go blank for no reason and I could not do much during the week.


I remembered the commitment I made, to go through the whole 14 weeks no matter what, so I shook off the lazy spirit and got ready plus I did not want to be part of Teju's statistics (she said a lot people tend to skip classes after week 2).


While on the island, it started raining heavily and I got drenched . For a second, the thought in my head was "This must be my village people" ,because I am superstitious like that.

When I alighted at my bus-stop I was a little bit embarrassed with the way people stared at me, because I looked like i just came out of the pool.

I got into class and only a few noticed me, a lot of them were fixated on their laptops. I just looked for a corner at the back close to window,hoping my clothes gets dry in time.

Class kicked off late because of some Nigerian factors but the AI6 Lagos team didn't allow it affect the day. The facilitators for the week were the usual suspects, George (one of my favourite guy at the moment)and Lawrence(the codelab guy) . It was exciting to still see a full class and some new faces after last week’s session.

This week’s session was about linear regression with multiple variables but George did us a favour by revising last weeks session which was linear regression with one variable. It was a good one for us that came last week, because we got more clarification and the new guys got to catch up. Lawrence took us through the codelab session again.

part of the codelab material

Link to the Codelab material on linear regression with two variable :

George revising gradient descent

One of the reasons I try so hard not miss a class is, I see how tasking it is for the organizers to make every week a success, so the least I can do is to show up.