The Red and Black Belts covering the first week of the course

Week 3 of AI Saturdays took place this past weekend in Lancaster, PA and always new and interesting things taking place.

The White and Yellow belts improved on their Python skills covering matplotlib, dictionaries, boolean logic, loops, and the basics of working in jupyter notebook.

The Red and Black belts covered their homework of coding a perceptron from scratch using numpy, with some great results from the team. They then moved on to their first week of coding the course, covering the setup of their environments and the initial steps of CNNs with the Cats and Dogs example. Before you know it, they’ll be able to create a not-hot-dog detector!

There were no major surprises from sororities like last week, and the teams focused and got through their work pretty well. One of the great things about week 3 is that leaders are starting to appear, people who are clearly going through the homework, putting in the effort, and seeing some early results. We hope to begin introducing you to some of the next week! It may only be the first few innings, but we can already see the effects of the course on the participants.

Next week, moves forward for the Red and Black belts, and the White and Yellow belts get into the Google Crash Course on Machine Learning. Now we’re getting to the good stuff!

See you next Saturday!